Datsun GO-cross Concept The Crossover Concept is the marque’s vision for a potential Datsun GO/GO+ family expansion into high-growth markets, adding a sense of style, adventure and fun. With that vision intact, Datsun has put the Go/Go+, in enhanced guise, on exhibit at the New Delhi Auto Expo, which started on the 5 February and slated to run until 9 February.

The marque is also displaying enhanced versions of the Datsun GO and Datsun GO+, equipped with accessories to meet the demands of customers who want a more personalized ride. Also at the pavilion is the legendary Datsun Bluebird 1600 SSS (510) rally car, which raced in the United States and brought motorsports glory to the brand in the early 1970s.

Sharing space is a special Datsun GO-Rally show car created by a group of passionate Japanese engineers and designers who were inspired by Datsun’s rich history in motorsports, bringing an interpretation of what a modern rally car could be. Another unique variant on the stand is the Datsun GO+ Smart, which features two gaming consoles in the rear of the popular MPV that give more versatility and entertainment options to families.

The brand’s display at this year’s Delhi Auto Expo complements a new campaign called ISayYes aiming to reach out and engage the youth of India.

Datsun’s return to the world’s Automotive scene

The return of Datsun didn’t start with what cars to launch, but with the people, the young risers living in high-growth markets. They are ahead of the curve, waiting for that one chance that will propel their careers and futures. For the young risers, mobility is both physical and social access to opportunities. They deserve nothing but a brand of their own. That’s why Datsun is returning and rising as the badge for the risers.

The Datsun marque dates back to the earliest days of Japanese Automotive manufacturing. Datsun evolved to become an automaker recognized as durable, attractive and trustworthy. More than 20 million Datsun vehicles were sold in 190 countries during its 50-year run. Datsun’s new corporate identity or badge of the riser honors the spirit of an earlier Datsun emblem, the center portion retains the essence of the original logo. Surrounded by a hexagon inspired by shiny bolts, the rest of the badge conveys a modern robustness and the confidence to succeed in a new world.

Datsun’s current primary markets include India, Nepal, South Africa, Russia and Indonesia.

Datsun GO-cross ConceptDatsun GO-cross Concept rearDatsun GO-cross Concept front fasciaDatsun GO-cross Concept rear viewDatsun GO+ profileDatsun GO-cross Concept roofDatsun GO-cross Concept wheelDatsun GO+ Smart interior

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