In late January, an expert biker and enthusiast Rusli Osman took an extended road trip with a distance of 6,011 kilometers, spanning sixteen days, on SYM Sport Rider 125i and VTS200 motorcycles.

Osman together with his wife Yong Suzi and daughter Yong Sofea traversed 6 Indochina borders and returned to share their experience as well as some tips on how to make a similar family journey for those who may be keen. The family kicked off their journey from SYM Headquarters in Penang, then headed straight for the Thai border at Bukit Kayu Hitam and up the Thai Peninsula into Indochina. The northern trip’s highlights included Hua Hin by the Gulf of Siam, up to Pattaya, Koh Khong Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Moc Bai at the Vietnam border, Siem Reap through the Wats of Cambodia, Udonthani, Kho Kao, Myawaddy in Myanmar and Kanchanaburi.

When asked what was the strangest thing that happened throughout their whole journey, the family cited a gravity-defying place in Mae Sot Thailand called Magic Hill, where they say vehicles roll up by itself which is said to be due to electromagnetic fields at the top of the mountain.

SYM Sport Rider 125i

With its modern sharp outlook, the SYM Sport Rider 125i contains a few superbike design elements such as tubular framework of naked bike at sides, sporty-looking muffler and fender at the rear. Its sharp aerodynamic appearance not only guarantees admiration but also ensures performance with economy.

The SYM Sport Riders 125i comes with a two-valve SOHC engine that produces 9.5 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 1.10kgf m torque at 5,500 rpm that giving Euro 3 emissions compliance. Incorporating with the latest fuel injection technology (EFI), the engine has better acceleration and more economical in fuel consumption. The SYM Sport Riders 125i has a stylish designed digital panel meter in LCD for easy data reading.

Weighing in at 107 kg, the SYM Sport Riders 125i comes with a 4.2-litre fuel tank under the seat. Braking is taken care of by hydraulic discs front and drum rear, attached to cast alloy wheels. The bright daytime running front LED light and signal ensure the motorbike can be seen from far easily for rider-safety measure which are also Euro 4 compliance. Tubeless tyres reduce the chances of immediate deflation in case of puncture. The seats for rider and pillion are designed to be apart. Furthermore, there is a spacious and hassle-free storage space underneath the seat to store your personal belongings.

A special warranty is offered for the SYM Sport Rider 125i for three-years or 30,000 km including one-year or 10,000 km engine warranty. The SYM Sport Rider 125i retails for RM5,450.00 (exclusive GST) which is the most competitive selling price in the market of 125 cc underborne.

SYM motorcycles are distributed by MForce Bike Holdings (established in 2008). Coupling the ability of making sophisticated and high performance engines with the strength in integrating design and development of motorbikes, SYM Malaysia has become one of the well-received motorbike brands in the country which has been assembled more than three hundred thousand units of motorbike locally.