Peugeot has reported an encouraging response for its all-new 308 Compact, which had already reached 60,000 mark across Europe. The Group has already taken over 60,000 orders for the new Peugeot 308, which was launched last Fall and its UK premiere in January. With the European Car of the Year award and the upcoming introduction of the new 308 SW, the Sochaux plant is expected to increase its output of the new 308 to a total of 1,563 units per day. (click to enlarge)

In late April, a second body style will be added to the Peugeot 308 family with the 308 SW, a sleek, spacious estate that offers all the qualities of the hatchback in terms of design, fuel efficiency and quality, along with a 660-liter boot — the largest in its segment. Peugeot also revealed that the 308 SW Estate version will start its distribution in the United Kingdom in June.

Extended production line for the new Peugeot 308 due to its high demand

Due to this encouraging response, the Lion marque has initiated a third night shift to begin producing more of the popular compact variant. Beginning 2 June, the third night shift is expected to create 600 jobs or more at the plant.

Available in a choice of four petrol and five diesel versions at launch, all with particularly fuel-efficient characteristics, the 308 SW will also be offered with the brand new three-cylinder Turbo PureTech petrol engine (1.2-liter e-THP 130bhp) and three BlueHDi powertrains, including the new 1.6-liter 120bhp BlueHDi that delivers the lowest CO2 emissions in the segment at just 82g/km.

The new Peugeot 308 represents the brand’s move up-market

With its compact length of 4.25 meters and well-balanced proportions, the new Peugeot 308 projects a classy and sophisticated presence. The front is dominated by an evolutionary reinterpretation of the brand’s ‘floating’ front grille, and by the strong lighting signature. Slim full-LED headlamps are standard on the majority of trim levels and a world-first in the segment. The high quality of design continues at the rear, with the three Peugeot (lion) ‘claws’ drawn by the rear LED lamps.

Interior-wise, the new 308 reveals the concept of the i-cockpit. Everything is arranged for an experience that is intuitive, relaxing the driver to focus entirely on the road ahead. The compact steering wheel and head-up instrument layout mean that information can be clearly read easily and safely, looking over rather than through the wheel. Main highlights on the inside include a generously spaced cabin and the 9.7-inch touch-screen interface, minus the need for physical buttons and switches.

Edited: Peugeot