Toyota Malaysia’s one-make series, the Vios Challenge, saw to an exciting round two conclusion. Although the rain disrupted the proceedings a bit, it didn’t deter the drivers and fans from several exciting street races. Held in conjunction with the Toyota Racing Festival, fans flocked to MAEPS to indulge in some off-track activities, as well.

Each category, the Super Sporting, Sporting and Promotional, had two sprints. A former drifter Ser Meng Hui surprised everyone with a win over the series’ favorites in the super sporting class race one. Luck swung his way when two favorites were out of contention.

A collision between Mark Darwin and Tengku Djan saw a restart. At the restart, the two separated from the pack in a hurry. Moments later, Djan dropped back to eighth when his rear bumper fell over. Wiiliam Ho was dispatched by Mitchell Cheah as the two cars made contact. Ho had to jump into the pitlane for repairs. Running fifth, Meng Hui saw an opportunity to get up the ranks and would seal a win thanks to Mitchell’s penalty after the race. Mitchell was handed a 15-second penalty for a jump start and demoted to fourth behind Syafiq Ali and Boy Wong. Djan who had to pit to replace a rear bumper ended up fifth.

In the second race, the top six from the previous race were lined up in reversed order. Djan led Mitchell as the grid started behind the safety car for three laps due to a wet track. The driver known as the ‘Prince of Drift’ battled it out with Mitchell for the top spot, after the youngster had overtook him earlier. Mitchell won’t budge and remained as the race leader. Djan again became overly aggressive and made contact with Mitchell’s car, nudging the race leader’s car wide. However, the hardy Mitchell recovered to continue in the lead. While the two were battling hard, Ho crept up from seventh to challenge the second place runner on lap 12, midway through. The Vios contenders Djan and Ho would make contact and both cars suffered punctures, with Djan retiring on the spot. Ho would receive penalty for his aggressive driving. At the flag, Mitchell topped the field with Wong finishing second ahead of Ho. Ali and Meng Hui, fourth and fifth, completed the top five finishers.











The next round of the Toyota Racing Festival, Vios Challenge is slated for Johor Bahru from 19 – 20 January 2018.