The Lotus Evora is one of the most desirable Lotus ever made and now, the brand has introduced a second version to the line-up; an Evora GT410 with revised specifications.  This Evora version joins the existing Evora GT410 Sport.

Esterior-wise, the Evora GT410 comes with a body-colored roof, side sills, tailgate, front access panel and mirror backs, red AP Racing brake callipers and silver or gloss black and V-spoke cast alloy wheels. Body colors have been extended to include some historic shades from Lotus’ past.

How do you improve on an already near-perfect sports car? By making it more driver friendly and comfortable. Some of the not-so-necessary items have been removed from the Evora to bring down costs, making It a more ‘everyday’ car. But it doesn’t mean Lotus skipped out on the essentials, the Evora GT410 comes with Sparco sport seats, air-conditioning, a reverse camera and a premium infotainment system. To better refinement, the cabin has better sound insulation, arm rests and small storage compartments. Keeping the creature comfort intact, the sports car has standard cruise control, heated seats and rear parking sensors.

As an everyday ride, the 2020 Evora gets a revised damper rate compared with the GT410 Sport to emphasize on comfort rather than all-out performance. The use of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S all-weather tyres means better all-year usability, while a new rear tailgate features a large glass section for improved rear visibility. The front tyres are 19-inchers while the rears are 20-inch in diameter.

The Evora GT410 has a base price of 99,900 euros, 11,000 euros less than the GT410 Sport.