Lexus has introduced its Lexus UX concept car, fitted with Goodyear Urban Crossover concept tires, at the Paris Motor Show 2016. This exclusive car is matched with special tyres, successfully showcasing the cooperation between the two companies.
When Lexus asked Goodyear to develop a tyre for its newest creation, two requests were made: explore new frontiers of tire design and apply state-of-the-art technology.

Goodyear Lexus Paris 2016_2 Goodyear Lexus Paris 2016_3

To reflect the unique design of the car, Goodyear committed to the inside-out philosophy adopted by Lexus for this model, which makes the internal elements blend with the external ones and vice versa. Following this principle, the spokes of the rim flow smoothly into the sidewall design of the tyre, creating one unique feature consistent with the rest of the car.

The sections of the sidewall, seamlessly integrated in the wheel, give the tyre its urban crossover look, while the tread pattern gives the tire a dynamic appearance. The tire’s design is created using Goodyear’s hi-tech laser carving technique.

The tyre incorporates state-of-the-art features including Goodyear’s Sound Comfort Technology, which uses an open-cell polyurethane foam element attached to the inner surface of the tyre. This technology dampens the tyre cavity resonance sound peak that is generated when the tire rolls over a surface, enabling the vehicle’s cabin to be extremely quiet. This allows drivers and passengers to enjoy music or conversation even more when driving their Lexus.

With this concept, Goodyear has combined its Sound Comfort Technology with the chip-in-tyre technology, showcased at Geneva in 2014, for the first time. The chip sends vital information to the car’s on-board computer, enhancing the stability and performance of the car when cornering and braking. This system transmits information on tire pressure, temperature and the tire identification details to the vehicle’s computer, which is then able to automatically refine the car’s longitudinal and lateral control algorithms, delivering excellent driving performance.

Furthermore, the new concept tire is equipped with Goodyear’s RunOnFlat Technology, which incorporates reinforced sidewalls that can properly carry the weight of a car for up to 80 km, after a puncture with complete loss of air pressure.

Source: Goodyear