Goodyear has revealed two of its latest Tyre range, envisioned for the world of tomorrow: the IntelliGrip and Eagle 360 Urban Concept tyres. Both tyres come with the brand’s latest innovations with the purpose of reaching destinations faster. Designed for future-generation autonomous electric ride-sharing vehicles in urban areas, the IntelliGrip Urban and Eagle 360 Urban concept tyres are set to meet the rising interest for on-demand-transportation and the ever evolving Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Valuing the importance for convenience (cost and time saving), the Goodyear IntelliGrip Urban concept tyre is equipped with advanced Sensor-in-Tire technology, and designed to support autonomous vehicle control systems and enhance passenger safety. The concept tire is capable of sensing road and weather conditions. By gathering this critical data and sending it directly to the vehicle’s computer system, it enables the car to optimize speed, braking, handling and stability.

The IntelliGrip Urban would enable fleets to monitor their vehicles and tires in real time, giving them a competitive advantage whilst helping to increase their profitability, supported by following key features: sensor-in-Tyre technology, proactive maintenance, tall and narrow shape and specially-designed tread.

The Eagle 360 Urban is powered by Artificial Intelligence and features bionic skin with a sensor network that allows the concept tyre to check on its own status and gather information on its environment, including the road surface. Via connectivity with other vehicles as well as infrastructure, traffic and mobility management systems, the Eagle 360 Urban also captures information on its surroundings in real-time.

The Artificial Intelligence unit serves as the ‘brain’ of the tire and enables the tyre to continuously sense the road condition and the surrounding environment in real-time and check on its own status in real-time. At the same time, the tyre enables processing of information using neural networks. It has the ability to transform using its own morphing tread and tire/vehicle interface. And, interact with other vehicles and all of the elements making up the Internet of Things to share the information it has captured and lessons learned.

The Eagle 360 Urban’s bionic skin high-sensory capacity tread, with its sensor network, captures information on road and weather conditions and transmits this input to the tyre to optimize the morphing of the tread. The tyre also allows the vehicle’s ‘nervous system’ to improve the car’s braking, handling and efficiency. Lastly. the tyre comprises of all of the elements making up the Internet of Things to inform other tyres and vehicles expected to take the same road. With intelligent morphing, the tyre prepares the vehicle for the unexpected by proactively providing safety under all conditions. Depending on the road and weather conditions, the most appropriate tread pattern appears autonomously with the help of the bionic skin of the tyre. Additionally, the bionic skin allows self-healing repair. And, in combination with the Artificial Intelligence unit, it measures current and predicts future tyre wear to allow automated tyre management, enabling predictive and proactive maintenance. Last but not least, the spherical shape moves in all directions and contributes to comfort, safety and maneuverability to match the demands of autonomous mobility and mobility as a service.