allcarschannel Naza Prestige Bikes, distributors of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, over the weekend kickstarted a one-of-a-kind “Rock & Roll” expedition for Harley owners to Mount Kinabalu, Sabah. The Harley ‘Rock & Roll’ expedition which started on 22 March saw 23 Harley owners and Harley-Davidson KL’s technical crew participate on an excursion to the country’s highest mountain site. The event is slated to end on 27 March.(click to enlarge)

For the inaugural Harley Rock & Roll excursion, owners aren’t required to do the usual Convoy activity or ride the long distance. Naza Prestige Bikes ensured the participants that they would get an opportunity of a lifetime on this special excursion. The only catch is that they won’t be able to ride their beloved hogs.

In a feat never attempted before, the International Hog Rally group is required to head up Mount Kinabalu and face the mountain site’s chilly weather conditions, as well as a specially prepared challenge. The main challenge is to lift a Harley-Davidson Dyna with parts and technical tools, with a combined weight of 700 kilograms, to the Low’s Peak. The bikers have to be somewhat fit as the air gets rather thin at the Low’s Peak. Once the participants reach the Peak, they are required to put the pieces together, witnessed by the prying eyes of Harley-Davidson KL’s technical crew and appointed judges.

Thereafter, the hog participants are expected to start the engine and let the glorious roar of this Harley Dyna echo around them as they enjoy the Scenic mountain panorama. The participating teams are then required to disassemble the bike before the descent down the Low’s Peak. At the foot of the mount, they are to re-assemble the bike for the final curtain call. On an interesting note, the bike being used in the expedition has been kindly contributed by a Harley owner.

Aside from the challenge, the participants enjoy quite a full-on itinerary for the Rock & Roll trip which include a visit to Kinabalu Park, Timpohon Gate, Poring Hot Spring and Kundasang. Their lodging place is at Mt. Kinabalu’s Heritage Spa & Resort.

The Rock & Roll event is a precursor to the 1st International HOG Rally Sabah which is scheduled for a major East Malaysia ride in September. Naza Prestige Bikes is sure to provide further details nearer to the HOG excursion. Harley-Davidson KL is the main sponsor of the Rock & Roll excursion, while the HOG (Harley Owners Group) President Choo Kai Mun and fellow team members remain true loyalist to the marque and its domestic activities. HOG is all about the Harley lifestyle i.e. brotherhood, embracing the outdoors, and of course, appreciating the unique beauty of Harley motorcycles.