Honda Accord 9th Generation due for domestic debut very soon

 Honda Accord 9th generation scheduled for domestic debut soon The soon-to-be-unveiled 9th Generation Honda Accord is expected to continue the flagship variant’s popularity in the country.

The 9th-generation Accord also carries on the 30-year legacy of one of Honda’s most recognizable variants the world over. Now, the Accord Advanced Smart Premium Sedan has been gifted redesigned motifs, fresh styling and plenty of new, improved interior and safety features.

Honda M’sia offers the Accord in three variations; the 2.0VTi, 2.0Ti-L and 2.4VTi-L. At a glance, the 9th-gen Accord is more compact compared to its predecessor at 4,870 mm in length, 1,465 mm in height with a wheelbase at 2,775 mm. As for the exterior motifs, the Dynamic Intelligent sedan package and familiar V-shaped aerodynamic contours should entice local Accord lovers. More on the Accord’s exterior description soon…

Interior-wise, the Accord’s cabin space adopts ‘Man Maximum, Machine Minimum’ concept which means lots of room, legroom and boot space for driver and occupants. Rear legroom has been increased by 35.5 mm, while the boot is 23 liters larger. For the newest flagship variant, Honda gave it everything to ensure only the quality stuff are input on the inside such as; a clean layout, a sturdy center console with an 8-inch touch screen (i-MID), leather seats with matching stitches, Smart Key system, One Push ignition, and more.

The highest grade 2.4-liter Accord “Earth Dreams Technology” engine powers up to 175 hp at 6,200 rpm and 225 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Meantime, the 2.0-liter engines are a little more down-winded, but stress instead on fuel efficiency; thanks to an overall weight reduction of 4.5% through all-out rationalization. The ECON mode, a standard in most Honda variants these days, which comprises the Eco Assist along with Drive By Wire, Automatic Transmission Shift map and powertrain components further denote the Accord’s improved fuel efficiency.

To make the Accord a lot sturdier and quieter, Honda has input noise insulation hardware, Active Noise Control (ANC) and Active Sound Control that assure complete calmness inside from external sources. And thanks to the enhanced NVH with a better padding package, the Accord offers both driver and passengers a premium-like ride.

Many innovative firsts have been included in the new Accord, for example; the Lane Watch camera, Blind-spot visual on the display screen, Multi-angle Rearview camera, and an Expanded View driver’s mirror, Emergency Stop Light signal, One Touch Lane Change, and LED headlights with daytime running lights, even Active Cornering lights (for the 2.4l Accord).

An abundance of safety features for the new Accord consist of ABS, VSA with Traction Control, Brake Assist, Dual front i-SRS Airbags, i-Side Airbags with (OPDS) Occupant Position Detection System ( for 2.4l), Hill Start Assist, ISOFIX and E-Pretentioner Seatbelts, as well as an ACE body structure.

Stay tuned for the new Honda Accord unveiling very soon…

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