The recently-introduced Honda Civic Type R has its first owner, a certain Adrian Salleh Hashim. A ceremony was by Honda Malaysia to deliver this speedster to its very first customer.

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R embodies the brand’s Racing Spirit and “Fun to Drive” DNA. The Civic Type R sold in the country is unique and carries its own special serial number plate positioned strategically on the center console, which stands as a constant reminder of the Civic Type R’s exclusivity.


A customer survey was conducted prior to the launch of the 2007 year model Civic Type R or better known as FD2R. Back in 2007, Malaysia is the only country outside of Japan to distribute the Civic Type R. During its active years between ’07-’11, the previous Civic Type R accounted a sales of 420 units.  Fast forward to present time, the Civic Type R owner Adrian Salleh was one of the first customers interviewed for feedback on the Type R, which helped contributed market insights especially on the identification of the demand and needs of a new customer segment.

Since the launch of current Civic Type R in early November, the speedster has attracted citizens from all walks of life coming to view the car, especially Civic owners and car enthusiasts. Since it became available, the car has received about 70 bookings. Only 20 selected dealerships in the country distributes the Civic Type R. Its first customer bought the car from Botanic Auto Mall. “The launch of the new Civic Type R made me eager to test and feel this beast. I was impressed with its sporty and bold exterior, delivering powerful performance yet suitable for me to drive daily. The feature I find most unique is the 3-Way Driving modes; which are Comfort, Sport and +R Mode that allowed me to set the preferred driving mode to experience different dynamic performance in different driving environment. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel to feel the power while on my daily commute,” said Adrian.

Besides being the first Malaysian to drive home the Civic Type R,  Adrian will be gifted with specially customized Honda merchandise, a GoPro HERO 5 and authorized Honda Ultra Glass Body Coating with Ultra Window Coating valued at RM5,300 as tokens of appreciation from Honda Malaysia.