The Honda CR-V 2018 model year has been called up for an urgent update. This update is essential and involves the replacement of the gear push knob button.

Honda Malaysia reveals that over seven and fifty thousand units of the 2018 CR-V are recalled for this update. The company expressed that this exercise is a precautionary measure, and it is not an emergency situation; like the airbag issue previously. In addition, Honda Malaysia has said that all current models are not affected in this product update.

After recent customer feedbacks about the CR-V, Honda is taking further action to assist owners to rectify the gearbox lever issue, especially when shifting from parking to other gear selections. The company formally issued an apology to owners on any inconvenience caused.

This gear lever update is totally free of charge and any costs incurred shall be absorbed by Honda Malaysia. Furthermore, owners are notified by an official letter and product detail by Honda. Upon receiving the letter, owners are advised to visit the nearest Honda service center for a fast inspection. Thereafter, replacement of the faulty part shall be completed in due stages.

For further information on this recall, call Honda’s Toll Free at 1-800-88-2020 or visit