Honda Pegoh Plant PDI Yard 3 launch Honda Malaysia has established a new Pre-delivery Inspection Yard at its huge Pegoh Plant in the State of Malacca. Honda Pegoh Plant’s Pre-delivery Inspection Yard 3 now becomes part of the two existing lines as well as Yard 1 and 2.

It was January last year that Honda Malaysia had introduced the No.2 Line at the Pegoh facility. The No.2 Line helps contribute to the company’s mid-term objective, which is to double production capacity to a collective (along with the first line) 100,000 units. The target to produce 100,000 units has been set for 2016.

Absorbing an investment costs of approximately RM15.1, the Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) Yard 3 is built on 50 acres of land and situated directly opposite the main plant. The PDI Yard 3 is able to accommodate 6,000 units of vehicles and functions as a centralized vehicles delivery center.

A further RM7.1 million has been pumped in to see to a successful completion of an Overhead Link Bridge, which links Yard 1 through Yard 3. The overhead bridge is purposeful to ease transportation of vehicles via the three Yards, and it is the first of its kind in the City of Alor Gajah.

Yoichiro Ueno, Managing Director and CEO of Honda Malaysia, commented, “In July 2014, we made a strategic decision to construct the new PDI Yard 3 in order to speed up the vehicle delivery process in support of the increase in production and sales volume. The capacity for PDI Yard 3 is increased by 56% compared to the combined capacity of PDI Yards 1 and 2. The existing Yard 1 and Yard 2 will be used for receiving new vehicles, installing accessories as well as inspecting vehicle interior and exterior.”

“I am pleased to announce that with the opening of PDI Yard 3, we are now able to support and speed up the delivery process of vehicles to Honda dealers nationwide. Our dealer network is also growing in tandem with the increase in production. All of Honda’s three initiatives; the No. 2 Line, new PDI Yard 3 and a strong dealer network will work together towards providing better efficiency in delivering Honda vehicles to customers,” he added.

Honda Pegoh Plant PDI Yard 3 launch_2   Honda Pegoh Plant PDI Yard 3 launch_3

Honda Malaysia stated that the establishment of Yard 3 would play a crucial role for the marque to reach its current year sales target of 85,000 units. As at the end of June, Honda has achieved 51% of its annual sales target, with a 13.5% market share to lead the Non-national segment in the country.