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Owners of Honda vehicles and potential buyers are advised to take note of Honda Malaysia’s latest recall on the replacement of front passenger airbag inflator. Just approximately a month ago, Honda Malaysia had advised a recall for driver’s airbag inflator, which involved a total of 58,140 units of several core Honda models.

The models affected by the faulty driver airbag inflator were: Honda City, year 2011 – 2013 as many as 33,668 units; Civic 2011, 1,499; CR-V 2011, 3,420; Jazz and Jazz Hybrid 2012-13, 16651; Insight 2012-13, 2,140; and Stream 2012 – 13, 762.

This time around, Honda Malaysia initiated another recall with regards to the front passenger airbag inflator. The current recall involves 147,894 units of Honda vehicles on the replacement of the front passenger airbag inflator. Models recalled for the front passenger airbag inflator replacement are: Accord (2003-2011 YM), City (2009-2011 YM), Civic (2007-2011 YM), CR-V (2008-2011 YM), Freed (2009-2011 YM), Insight (2011 YM), Jazz (2009-2011 YM) and Odyssey (2004-2008 YM). The Honda Accord model between 2003 – 2011 accumulates to 46,832 units, while the Honda City works out to 52,345 units. The Civic and CR-V models are 23,701 and 15,938 units, respectively. Other models make up the remainder of the total number of units.

Again, Honda Malaysia has assured its customers on the safety protocols with this latest major recall. As before, an official note is expected to be distributed to all owners in the country. Thereafter, all affected customers are advised to bring the letter and their vehicles to the nearest authorized Honda service center for inspection. The company urges all owners affected by the airbag inflator recall to get their vehicles checked and parts replaced at any authorized Honda service centers as soon as possible upon receipt of the notification letter. The replacement works will be carried out once the parts are ready, and parts and labor charges related to this recall will be borne by Honda Malaysia.

Honda Malaysia also reiterated that all of its current selling models are not affected by either driver’s or front passenger airbag fault. The company intends to continue to uphold transparency and stringent control on ensuring safety.

Honda owners can check their vehicle recall status by calling the Honda Toll Free number 1-800-88-2020 or log on to, or visit any authorized Honda dealerships.