honda-nsx-concept-bringing-legend-life The NSX Concept is a super sports variant offering Honda’s proven legendary sports car in a completely new platform to the enthusiasts.

Honda NSX Concept


Together with the next-generation direct-injected VTEC V6 engine mounted on a light-weight vehicle body in a mid-ship layout, the NSX Concept features a highly-efficient and high-output Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling – All Wheel Drive) system, which realizes both outstanding driving performance and some fuel efficiency.


The exterior design was further advanced for the new NSX Concept, by adopting dynamic styling that is clean, modern, low and wide which indicates the vehicle’s high performance potential. The interior design, developed under the concept of a “Human Support Cockpit,” offers excellent visibility and a cockpit equipped with an intuitive interface which enable the driver to focus on driving.

The Sport Hybrid SH-AWD is a hybrid system featuring an electric all-wheel drive system. Combining the newly-developed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) with a built-in high efficiency motor and two electric motors that drive both front wheels independently, the NSX is poised for a superb drive on almost any challenging road environments, except off-road.

The NSX Concept is instilled the Honda original torque control system that enables independent control of torque distribution to the front wheels. This generates the torque necessary to realize an innovative “on-the-rails” feeling during cornering without relying. The system not only realizes capable performance and fuel economy, but enables the driver to enjoy dynamic acceleration possible only with a super sports variant and to experience the joy of driving based on the idea of “the synergy between man and machine.”

Availability of the NSX Concept in its production form has yet to be firmed up by Honda at this point in time.

Edited: Honda Worldwide