Honda bikes distributors Boon Siew Honda has announced the new Honda Wave Dash Fi Limited Edition for the domestic market. The new Honda Wave Dash Fi Limited Edition comes in a leisure and fashion appearance. A few months back, Boon Siew Honda had unveiled the Honda EX5 Fi Limited Edition, which became rather popular in the domestic compact bike segment. The Wave Dash Fi Limited Edition is thus a supplementary variant for one of the more popular line-ups available at Boon Siew Honda.

The Honda Wave Dash Fi Ltd edition was produced following plenty of customer feedbacks and comments to improve the overall package of Boon Siew’s most popular compact motorcycle range. Besides the practicality of the bike, major upgrades were also taken into consideration to spruce up the new Wave Dash Fi to attract the younger generation.

The Wave Dash Fi is equipped PGM-FI technology. Such technology is well known to perform at a better fuel efficiency without sacrificing its exemplary acceleration. This technology is using a programmed electronic control techniques in which the amount of fuel and air can be released perfectly and injected into the cylinder according to the engine load conditions. Therefore, the Fi technology consumes less fuel, yet able to provide a better power output. The Wave Dash Fi’s four stroke 109cc engine, integrated with Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi), offers an enhanced performance as well as a low fuel consumption of 1.8L/100 km.

Boon Siew Honda has added a position light at the front, a winker and a reflector at the rear of the bike for the standard Wave Dash Fi. For the limited edition, the combination of matte-black cover and red-black stripe further elevates the leisure and fashion appearance of the Honda Wave Dash Fi. Meanwhile, the tubeless tire also comes with exclusive red color lining to provide a fresh exterior experience.

Apart from the design, the limited edition Wave Dash Fi takes up underbone front-rear disc brakes. The disc brakes translates to a more efficient stopping, whether low or high speeds.

Previously, the Wave Dash Fi had an increased fuel capacity of up to 4.0 liters. The bigger fuel tanks meant that there’s a significant reduction for frequency of refuelling.

The standard Wave Dash Fi comes in two variants, Type S and R, and in four colors; Vivacity Red, Vital Blue Metallic, Pearl Magellanic Black and Repsol Honda special trim or Luminous Orange (Wave Dash R only).

The Honda Wave Dash Fi limited edition has a listed price of RM 5,775.94 (S Type, single disc break) and RM 6,040.94 (R Type, double disc break). The model comes with two years or 20,000km manufacturing warranty.