Hyundai has announced the Smart Cruise Control, a world’s first Machine Learning based Smart Cruise Control (SCC-ML). This Smart Cruise Control incorporates the driver’s patterns into its self-driving behavior, creating a custom experience for the driver. It is currnely trial and tested for future Hyundai cars.

Based on A.I. (artificial intelligence) within the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), the Smart Cruise Control improves upon the intelligence of the previous ADAS technology to dramatically improve the practicality of semi-autonomous features. Smart Cruise Control (SCC) enables an essential self-driving feature and it combines AI and SCC (Smart cruise control) that learns the driver’s patterns and habits. For example, working in tandem with ADAS, the system maintains distance from the vehicle ahead while traveling at the speed selected by the driver. In order to operate the previous Smart Cruise Control, the driver manually adjusted driving patterns, such as the distance from the preceding vehicle and acceleration. The SCC is still in its infancy stage as it is still unstable and could use a little more fine-tuning.

How the SCC works?

First, sensors, such as the front camera and radar, constantly acquire driving information and send it to the centralized computer. The computer then extracts relevant details from the gathered information to identify the driver’s patterns. An A.I. called machine learning algorithm is applied during this process. Driving patterns are broke down into three parts: distance from preceding vehicles, acceleration (how quickly it accelerates), and responsiveness (how quickly it responds to driving conditions). In addition, driving conditions and speeds are considered as well.

The driving pattern information is regularly updated with sensors, reflecting the driver’s latest driving style. Furthermore, the system is programmed specifically to avoid learning unsafe driving patterns, increasing its reliability and safety. Hyundai claims that the SCC attains Level 2.5 self driving, with upcoming Highway Driving Assist system that features automatic lane change assist.