Hyundai Elantra Sport turns Turbo into Machismo’s Deborah Joy Peter last week test drove the Hyundai Elantra Turbo Sport 1.6, courtesy of Hyundai Sime Darby Motors.

There’s something about a new car. Perhaps it’s the pride one exudes when hopping out of an engineered marvel with bounce in step to unapologetically display her before friends and family alike and watch them turn green with envy, before making that smug, matter-of-fact announcement, “Yeah, she’s with me. I’m totally driving that.” It may even be that glorious mint-condition scent or just knowing that she hasn’t been touched by another—almost like breaking virgin, dare I say it, cherry.

Hyundai Elantra Turbo Sport 1.6: The Lady is mine

Tom Jones sums it up best with one line: the lady is mine. The Hyundai Elantra Turbo Sport 1.6 is the perfect excuse to want to snag those bragging rights right up and off the other guy. An entertaining ruse indeed. Only with this perky pick in particular, the car is the stunning model that struts the man behind the wheel down highways and byways, raising eyebrows and turning heads as she revs on by, not the other way around. With the convenience of Auto Cruise Control, why not let her?

Fitting it would be to go into detail over those High Intensity Discharge headlamps shaped the same way hips don’t lie or that front Radiator Grille with hexagonal frame. A gentleman could sing praises of her hands-free Smart Trunk System that’s easy on the load or her Rear-View Camera with the piercing eye of a tiger. But the expression one is really searching for is “nice.” An unpretentious four-lettered word at first utterance, yet the naturalness of said response does more than speak volumes.

The variant’s memorability renders the chant a recurring anthem for those who crave the appreciation which lasting impressions generate and the fandom that good taste delivers. Whether or not an owner chooses to pimp his ride, the ideal wingman, a 7” TFT Touchscreen LCD with Android Auto and Apple Car Play remains on the ready with volume and music to sound the mating call. With Smart Key in tow for Engine Start and Stop at the fingertips, he’ll be pushing all the right buttons.

Hyundai Elantra Turbo Sport 1.6: A Truly Frank Elantra






Aerodynamic in appearance, while spot-on in its depiction of dandy lines and debonair curves, this C-segment design culminates in honest desire. A result of pure visual seduction in exchange for undivided attention, the vehicle occupies a distinct class of its own. After all, the heart takes what the heart wants. Meanwhile, also high on her list of positives are the automobile’s roomy interior and fetching red-and-black embroidery to complete that sporty look and feel and provide a stupendous finish.


Inside, ergonomically-carved leather seats swaddle passengers in a luxurious embrace as well as boast the sort of symmetry which resonates with a premium-quality cockpit fashioned to protect and perform. With navigation cleverly laid out using a Drive Mode Control System that spans three choices to include Normal, Sports, and Eco, the drive works efficiently to accommodate the mood of the operator, ensuring a tailor-made encounter that is both realistic and experiential from start to finish.

Next comes the clincher. Taking up residence in the soul of this scintillating four-door sedan encased in Advanced High-Strength Steel, a resilient Gamma 1.6 T-GDi engine punches out a maximum yield of 203.6 pferdestrke (horse strength) at 6,000 revolutions per minute, with an all-out torque of 264.78 newton-metres at 1,500 to 4,500 rpm. That stellar feature coupled with a booming 7-Speed Double Clutch Transmission serves up force on a silver platter, while reducing fuel consumption.

Hyundai Elantra Turbo Sport 1.6: Playing Spin Doctor

Then, there is the actual driving. Easing out of the parking lot for the first time with a sliver of apprehension and anxiety too, she’s that new girlfriend you want to impress with gentle persuasion, instead of knocking her socks off all at once. One doesn’t kiss away the magic of the unknown in a single breath. Why deny chemistry its fun when checking her pulse is as rudimentary as testing how touchy the brakes are or how cool the Driver’s Power Seat is with its eight different posture adjustments?

Speaking of ‘carma sutra’ and flexing positions, the above promises lumbar support for any body shape. And whether despacito or rápido when pulling out, her LED Rear Combination Lamp has his back. For optimal illumination, LED Daytime Running Lights announce her presence without so much as a blink. When whizzing through traffic, an expertly embedded Supervision Cluster will detail gliding ability once foot is on the pedal with a brightly-lit dashboard and handsomely marked dials.

Let’s face it. She brings the heat, but fortunately for him, being “too hot” has no downside to our Lady Elantra over here. With Dual Full Auto Air Conditioning, one can feel the temperature change instantaneously to feed relief and soothe the nerves on a blistering Monday afternoon, ergo a useful tip would be to not sweat it, because this is cosiness one can customise. How does the saying go – get her done? Done deal then. Has it been mentioned that she sports a D-Cut Steering Wheel?

Hyundai Elantra Turbo Sport 1.6: Better Safe than Skimpy

A fear-buster through and through, thanks to a chesty cabin with six voluptuous airbags, a true fan can trust this deity of the high streets to offer comfort during those off-road twists and twerks, while she guards against mishaps during an unexpected occurrence. With defensive twin curtain blockades window-side, two shields up front, and extra layers for driver and passenger, the wellbeing of all aboard is as assured as a lullaby, while Hill-Start Assist and Blind Spot Detection add to her charms.

Furthermore, the Electronic Stability Control function detects and reduces loss of traction during sudden deceleration and turning movements. Said actions help maintain control using automatic braking for individual wheels, while engine power decreases. If that isn’t enough, the car sounds an audible alert when the driver gets too close to an obstacle, courtesy of its Front and Rear Parking Assist System. Reverse parking will never again give cause for drama when one has that meeting to get to.

In addition to exceptional features, she is undeniably a fun car, one which weaves together a collection of daring attributes so every journey taken with her feels like a ceremonious spin for knights in shining armour. Both easy on the eyes and wallet, the model is available in seven colours: Fiery Red, Polar White, Phantom Black, Iron Grey, Platinum Silver, Marina Blue, and Blazing Yellow. With its sticker price starting at RM131,488.00, it’s time to take “fun” out for a drive and flaunt that babe.

Hyundai Elantra Turbo Sport 1.6: Testing the drive






Responsible for this model’s distribution and sales locally, Hyundai Sime Darby Motors is the firm friend to thank. Having had the immense pleasure of becoming acquainted with the Elantra Turbo Sport 1.6 over a recent four-day weekend, I consider myself a lucky devil with dashing smile, because that’s what I did plenty of while in the company of this crimson beauty. Left in my fairly capable hands, she but made a better driver out of me. Overall, an astute choice for the modern-day cruiser.

Text and image: Anton Gillich  and Deborah Joy Peter

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