New Hyundai Tucson rolls out in the UK Hyundai Motor UK has revealed the all-new Tucson, ahead of its official roll-out date on 3 September. The new Hyundai Tucson, deemed a game changer in the U.K., is a step up of its predecessor with loads of refinements both inside and out.

The new Hyundai Tucson offers both private and fleet buyers low running costs, stylish looks, and value-for-money. According to Hyundai UK, the Tucson is the second best-seller across the country, and the distributor is confident that Tucson will continue to increase Hyundai’s presence in the C-SUV segment. The Tuscon (ix35) 1.7 CRDi is a popular choice among the distributor’s fleet customers, and now Tucson is set to present them with an even more attractive package.

After 36 months and 48,280 km (30,000 miles), the Tucson 1.7 SE Nav CRDi, the predicted UK best-seller, is set to retain 50% of its original value, helping to make it the most affordable vehicle in its class. Compared to its predecessor, ix35, Tucson buyers benefit from an 11% increase in residual value, the outgoing ix35 SE Nav 1.7 CRDi held 39% of its original cost.

After 36 months and 96,569 km (60,000 miles), Tucson will still carry 42% of its value, another best-in-class figure with the closest competitor holding 40% of its initial price. Another important factor to its strong residual values includes low monthly costs for service, maintenance and repairs, which translates to the lowest Whole Life Cost in the C-SUV segment.

The 2015/16 Hyundai Tucson is scheduled to roll out on 3 September to dealerships all over the United Kingdom. Hyundai has sold vehicles in the UK since 1982. In 2005, Hyundai opened its own UK subsidiary, Hyundai Motor UK Ltd, based in High Wycombe. Since 2008, the company has risen from 21st to one of the top manufacturers in the UK and last year sold a record 82,159 vehicles. Hyundai Motor UK employs over 3000 people through its UK operations and dealer network.

Source: Hyundai U.K.