Infiniti Lab Hong Kong Infiniti and Nest, a Hong Kong-based investment company, recently announced that the second “Infiniti Accelerator”, a 12-week startup development program, is now open for applications from around the world. This second edition of the Infiniti Accelerator builds upon the successful completion of the first such program at the end of 2015.

The “Infiniti Accelerator 2.0” will continue the previous theme of smart cities but focus particularly on connectivity technologies as part of the solutions for future intelligent urban mobility.

The Infiniti Accelerator is part of Infiniti’s commitment to encourage innovators, embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and support urban development. Through the application process, eight startups will be selected to receive support from Infiniti and Nest, which includes mentorship by specialists in the areas of vehicle connectivity, smart cities, hardware, manufacturing, transportation, technology and entrepreneurship. They will also have access to resources at Infiniti and Nest. At the end of the 12-week program, they will have the opportunity to pitch their business for funding and partnership at an exclusive Investor Demo Day.

After the successful pilot in Hong Kong and a similar initiative in the Middle East, Infiniti also plans to expand the Accelerator program and other entrepreneurial initiatives to other cities and regions.

Countries across the world are becoming increasingly urbanized. This global phenomenon is changing the landscape of people’s living conditions, city development and the environment. Automobiles play an important role in future intelligent cities. Technologies of connectivity will enable vehicles to talk with each other and with the city infrastructures, and will significantly enhance the driving experience. Infiniti, as one of the global leading brands, is committed to leading the development in this area.

The first Infiniti Accelerator program, which started in September 2015, attracted more than 140 applications and was successfully completed in December last year. Eight startup companies received training, support and mentoring from the program that empowered them to accelerate their business development. At the end of the 12 weeks, more than 170 potential investors attended the Demo Day at the Infiniti LAB where the entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas to secure partnerships and funding.

Edited: Infiniti