Peugeot_Expert_1 The new Peugeot Expert is designed to respond to a variety of different uses and the search for efficiency, thanks to its new base resulting from the modular EMP2 platform. The new Peugeot van combines compact external dimensions with the maximum load capacities which are so vital in this segment.

Available in three lengths and with two or three seats in the front, Peugeot Expert offers up to 6.6 m3 of useful space and 1400 kg of useful load with a useful length of 4 m. The Standard and Long versions, at 4.95 m and 5.30 m, are designed for the core market. The Compact 4.60m version, unique in the segment, allows loads of up to 5.1 m3 and 1400 kg, with a useful length of 3.32 m. Its reduced dimensions and overhang allow the new Peugeot Expert to offer great manoeuvrability. Its reduced height of 1.90m, rare in this segment, guarantees the new Expert access to all car parks.

In looks, the new Peugeot Van offers harmonious proportions between the front end, the driver position and the loading space. The compact overhangs and wheels positioned at the four corners give it a powerful presence and suggest its manoeuvrability and optimal use of the internal space. The sleek lines enhance its flow and the modernity of its body shape. Moreover, the short, high bonnet sits above the wide, enveloping and protective bumper, tailored to the daily needs of professionals operating in a demanding environment. Meantime, the headlights mounted flush with the bodywork evoke the Peugeot 308 compact saloon.

Furthermore, the new elevated vertical grille introduced by the Peugeot 2008 SUV, accentuates the Expert’s presence. The grille features the lion in the center of a new dynamic, three-dimensional embodiment, instead of the usual horizontal blades. Its trapezoidal Sparkling Grey edging with slight scalp motion in the upper corners accentuates the elegance and modernity of the front end. The sleekly designed side panels are structured with sharp lines and sculpted by concave door sills, which enhance the impressiveness of the smooth wheel arches extending out from them. The fairly low side protections and the solid black front bumper, that integrates air inlets across the entire width of the car, emphasizes the robust look of the Expert.

For a sleeker outlook, a Look Pack is available as an option. It includes items colored to match the bodywork such as front and rear seatbelts, the casings of the rear-view mirrors and the side strips, as well as the chrome front grille surround. The front bumper houses the LED light signature, integrated with chrome-plated boomerangs, alludes to the Peugeot 508 grand touring car.

The new Peugeot Expert adopts modern and efficient Euro 6 BlueHDi engine options from 95 hp/210 Nm to 180 hp/400 Nm mostly equipped with Stop&Start technology. The new BlueHDi 180 EAT6 gear box and the BlueHdi 95 ETG6 electronic gearbox, as well as reduced consumption, free up extra legroom for the middle passenger. The most efficient version, at 5.1 l/100 km, i.e. 133 g/km of CO2, and the entire Expert range, with 5.4 l/100 km, i.e. 140 g/km on average, are best-in-class within the segment. At the same time, the BlueHDi engine options incorporate SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) upstream of the additivated DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). They also meet the Euro6 standard with the most effective pollution control technology on the market. Their AdBlue 22.4 l tank provides a range of 15,000 km. AdBlue is filled up easily using the exterior filling flap, located in the middle pillar, which is invisible when the driver’s door is closed.

For efficiency, comfort and safety, the new Peugeot Expert offers a number of latest generation features that are rare or exclusive in the segment, particularly: Hands-free sliding side doors, Advanced Modularity of the passenger space with Moduwork, Head-up display and Sign reading system with speed limiter, Active Safety Brake and Automatic Switching to main beam lights, Voice-control connected 3D navigation and Real-time Traffic information, Reverse camera with 180° overhead, and Driver Attention Alert.

The Peugeot Expert is available in three versions: Extended cabs, with five or six fixed or fold-up seats; Platform cab as a conversion base; and Combi as a people-carrier with up to nine seats. On board, the Expert also revolutionizes the segment’s features improving ergonomics and driving comfort. The step provides easy access to its elevated seating position, which dominates the road. The instrument panel and steering wheel in relatively vertical position for the segment, immerses the driver in an environment somewhere between the SUV for the commanding position and the saloon for comfort. The pure and modern design of the driver position combines robust materials and the ergonomics of the controls, like the 7-inch touch-screen with voice recognition and navigation available as an option which is always easy to reach and see. Also available are two glove boxes and ample small storage compartments. To complement passenger and driver comfort, the Expert offers a best-in-class level of acoustic comfort, enhanced at the Premium and Premium Pack levels.

As regards the ground link, the Peugeot Expert adopts the Pseudo MacPherson front suspension from the EMP2 adapted to the vehicle’s dimensions to ensure high-end dynamic features. The electro-hydraulic-assisted steering combined with the anti-roll bar position in front of the steering rack optimizes the turning circle. The new oblique wishbone rear suspension supports a payload of 1,400 kg to make the most of the load volume of up to 6.6 m3 or nine seats with boot space. The wishbone filtering dampens the impacts. Additionally, the variable stiffness springs and shock absorbers slaved to the load guarantee maximum comfort whether the vehicle is loaded or unloaded. This new rear suspension also has the advantage of being compatible with the DANGEL 4×4 transmission.

For even more comfortable and safe driving, the Expert has a wide range of latest generation driving assistance devices, consisting Driving time warning system, Driver Attention Alert, Road sign reading with speed limit recommendation system, Active Safety Brake, Blind Spot Monitoring with front and rear parking assistance or VisioPark 1. Grip Control, and the comprehensive Safety Pack.

The Peugeot Expert is set to launch in 11 countries in Europe first, followed by other countries outside of Europe.