Jeep Sponsors Harley Davidson's annual events in EMEA region_5 For the second year running, Jeep is the official sponsor of the Harley-Davidson event in the EMEA region. The annual event, which attracted more than 5700 test drives, has been rather fruitful for the two brands. The recent event held at Austria’s Lake Faak attracted 85,000 motorcycles and more than 125,000 participants.

For the second consecutive year, Jeep has been the official sponsor of Harley-Davidson at the annual European tour. The European Bike Week at Lake Faak, Austria marked the closure of an extraordinary year for the partnership between the two iconic marques. The Austrian event was the largest gathering ever in Europe, and Jeep took the opportunity to display its entire range of vehicles, special editions, accessories and more.

Jeep was also the guest of honor at the Harley Village, the central focus of each Harley event, which in Austria covered an area of 1,000 square meters. Jeep reportedly recorded a total of almost 1,400 test drives throughout the five day event at Lake Faak. The most well-known Jeep of them all, the Wrangler, and the new Grand Cherokee were among the test drive crowd’s favorite variants. The Jeep Wrangler had the honor of opening the road for the motorcyclists with the “Dark Side” rendition, which was created with references to services, customer care, genuine parts and accessories.

The Wrangler’s “Dark Side” show car is based on the Rubicon version and equipped with a 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine with a five-gear automatic system. This special version has off-road bumpers, half doors, tow hook and winch, a performance bonnet and a chrome exhaust system, along with special leather appointments on the inside.

Both Jeep and Harley-Davidson were synonymous with roads to be driven freely, where the journey is more important than the destination. Each stop at the Harley-Davidson tour had a spectacular parade that involved thousands of bikes.

At each stop of the Harley events, the Jeep store was present as well and the visitors had the chance to admire and purchase Jeep merchandise, from clothes to accessories. The Jeep accessories for the show included three air-brushed Wrangler kits for sale, complete with bonnet, grille and mirror housings.

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