Kia is releasing its anticipated New sub-compact SUV by end of second quarter in its home country. First images of the car is out and it shows the SUV inherits the Kia SP Signaure Compact concept’s design.

Kia states that the SUV will stand apart from rivals by matching the unique preferences and needs of the millennial generation. Its conceptual design features a traditional SUV pairing with a newest exterior outlook, such as its long hood, a strong, sophisticated character line on the front bumper, and sharp lines pressed into the bodywork. Its strong shoulder line, matched with a glasshouse which tapers towards the rear of the car, as well as rear bumper with a metallic muffler effect, lends the compact SUV an air of understated sportiness.
The new compact SUV brings a sense of Premium features to its exterior design with LED headlights which extend over the radiator grille. The lights feature a three-dimensional light graphic and a highly technical diamond pattern at their trailing edges. The design is also echoed in the rear LEDs. Kia also disclosed the new sub-compact SUV has a wide range of features and technologies to suit younger buyers in markets around the world. By adding a new global small SUV to its line-up, Kia is extending its range of SUVs to fulfill the needs of customers around the globe.

Kia’s first global sub-compact SUV is slated to go on-sale in Korea this quarter, with sales in other regions to follow soon after. More information to be revealed right here…