Koenigsegg observes its 20th anniversary with the introduction of its Megacar, the Agera One:1. The journey of Koenigsegg began 12 August 1994 when Christian von Koenigsegg first embarked on his quest to build a Super Sports car. Von Koenigsegg conceptualized the Concept, a lightweight mid-engined sports, with a detachable, stowable hardtop. The Concept had a wrap-around screen for visibility and aerodynamics, as well as short overhangs with two large intercooler intakes located at the sides and behind the center. The intakes positioning was purposeful to aid high speed stability. (click to enlarge)

Koenigsegg’s founder had conceptualized a Super sports that changed from a coupe to a roadster at a flip of the hard top switch. That’s how the CC8S came to being. Since then, every Koenigsegg is instilled this effective methodology, while keeping the founder’s vision in tact.

Since 1994, Koenigsegg has churned out five variants with the limited edition tag. Now, the world gets the Agera One:1 megacar. The Koenigsegg Agera One is the world’s first 1:1 power to curb weight ratio homologated production super sports and certified 1 Megawatt power homologated production super sports.

At a glance, the Koenigsegg Agera One features fully active aero. with independent left and right front flaps under the front splitter, as well as the hydraulically actuated top mounted dual plane rear wing. 3D printed titanium exhaust end piece is added to stay true to the super sports DNA.

The track-focused Agera One is capable of handling a 2G cornering with recommended road tyres, thanks to its advanced active under and over body aerodynamics which entails 610 kg down force at 260 km/h. The megacar’s chassis is fitted with active ride height and shock absorbers with variable stiffness spring ratios, which means you can drive like a pro, even if you’re a complete amateur. A carbon chassis with M46J & M55J high modulus fibers ensures the megacar’s utmost lightweight form.

In the powerplant department, the Koenigsegg 3D-VGT with patented 3D printed variable turbo housing offers improved response and bottom-end torque. The One:1 is anticipated to be, the world’s fastest homologated production car, with a simulated top speed of 440 km/h<, due to the super sports’ high power and rpm capability that’s enabled by the special tyres and active aero components.

On the inside, the megacar’s 3G and GPS controlled Predictive Active Chassis and Aero Track mode provide the lucky driver all kinds of electronic aids and driving enhancements. For iPhone buffs, the megacar even has 3G connection for telemetry, performance, lap times and software upgrades. Driver and occupant experience or comfort to a certain degree comes in the form of Koenigsegg developed carbon fiber ventilated memory foam racing seats, with Active noise canceling seat as an option.

The Koenigsegg Agera is currently showcased at the Geneva Motor show, where more interesting features of the megacar are made available in due course.