Korean-based SunNano Window Film promises optimum protection and safety

 SunNano, Nanocool window film Korean products and brands in diverse industries are gaining popularity globally; brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG are instantly recognizable in their respective categories. And now, there’s a Korean window film brand in town called SunNano – Nano Ceramic Window Film.

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SunNano Ceramic film is distributed domestically by the folks at Nanocool, who last Saturday officiated their headquarters: the  SunNano Ceramic Film Lifestyle center at Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

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Available for diverse tint requirements whether the automotive sector or commercial premises, the SunNano films comprise of various colors and Infra-Red rejection capabilities with up 99 percent UV protection. “SunNano film offers one of the highest Infra-Red Rejection available in the market today, achieving an IR rejection rating of 99% on its SunNano ECO Series. As the Malaysian weather can be quite harsh, the Infra-Red Rejection of SunNano films effectively block out heat and therefore reduce energy consumption, besides providing comfort to occupants in vehicles,” Kim Tae Ho, President of SunNano, commented.

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The leading SunNano Window film for cars distributed by Nanocool is the PhotoChromic series. This film is a revolutionary tint film that automatically darken on exposure to sunlight and return to its original color in low-light conditions. The Crystal (IR 90) and Safety series cater to more immediate needs such as heat protection, and theft and vandalism preventive measures. Depending on requirements, SunNano offer a total of 40 different window films for automotive and 80 different window films for commercial use, each offering different levels of solar energy reflect levels, transmittance of visible light, and UV and infra-red reflection.

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The SunNano window film not only offers health benefits, but assists to reduce energy consumption both in cars and commercial buildings. Through effective heat rejection or shielding thanks to six layers made up of ATO & ITO materials, the SunNano film ensures efficient energy circulation in air conditioning units of cars or buildings. In addition, at the film’s heart is the IR-CUT Coating film applied with transparent adhesives that bond with a releasing film on one side and a transparent film on the other. The transparent film is protected by an SR Hard Coating layer.

As much as the film’s inherent quality, it is just as important that the film is applied with a high order of workmanship. The skill and dedication of the appointed installer is therefore important to ensure immaculate film application, and to ensure that, SunNano trains and certifies every installer that works on its line of films. Each application of SunNano film in a vehicle is backed by a warranty that lasts from 3 to 10 years, depending on the films.

SunNano, established in 1994, is a Window film manufacturer from South Korea. In the country, SunNano has appointed Nanocool as distributors for Malaysia and Singapore. The Korean made window films are certified by agencies such as the U.S. Skin Cancer Foundation, Energy Star Program, International Window Film Association, and complies with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

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The SunNano Ceramic and Nanocool tinting films price range runs from RM 1,800 – 3,500.

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