Limited Edition Proton Saga To Celebrate 35 Years Of Proton Saga

9th July 2020 marks the 35th year anniversary for the Proton Saga. In order to celebrate this occasion, Proton today unveiled the limited Proton Saga 35th Anniversary Edition to Malaysian market.

Let’s take a journey back to commemorate the model that started it all. The Saga iirst rolled out of production way back in 9 July 1985 by the then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad. Proton and the Saga was in fact conceptualized by the notable Malaysian Premier. 

The first ever Saga was built on a Mitsubishi platform, following a collaboration between Mitsubishi and Hicom. After the Saga’s well-received debut at home, the model quickly found its way to the U.K. in March 1989 and other countries in Asia.

Today, the Saga remains at the forefront of Proton’s model line-up. As of June this year, the Saga is still the best selling model for the National carmakers. To date, the Saga has sold over 1.8 million units in a span of 35 years.

The Proton Saga 35th Anniversary Edition

To commemorate the 35th year of its existance, Proton came up with the Saga Anniversary Edition, limited to only 1,100 units at a price tag that’s too good to pass up.

At a glance, the Saga Anniversary Edition, based on the Saga Premium Auto,  is decked out in black with Orange-Yellow trimmings inside and out. Most notable addition inside is the innovative N95 Cabin Filter, which is also a standard fixture in the X70 SUV.  

The Saga Anniversary Edition looks rather unique with its new front skirt, side skirts, door visors and trunk lid cover. In addition, the engine cover has insulation and  the boot gets a tray. All the new accessories come up to a cost of RM2,035 and Proton makes these accessories accessible for 2019 Saga owners and buyers.

Even with a limited quantity of 1,100 units, the Saga has a price tag of only RM 39,300 after deduction of sales tax. Buyers of this special Saga are expected to get additional savings of RM315. The cost for purchasing accessories individually would cost RM2,350. Owners of Proton cars can consider the N95 cabin filter at just RM59, not including labor. For a limited time until 9 October,,a 15% discount on the price of the filter is applicable for compatible Proton models.

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