Lotus Exige 360 Cup Lotus has announced a new motorsport version of its Exige in the form of the Exige 360 Cup, redefined from the previous Exige V6 Cup. The Lotus 360 Cup features lightweight panels and an increase in power as it continues to be the benchmark in handling and performance for Lotus Motorsport’s line-up.

The Exige 360 Cup bespoke styling signals an evolution in design, with an option of four colors (Metallic White, Metallic Grey, Metallic Black and Metallic Silver) and stealth matt black roof, front access panel and louvered tailgate. This design is a limited edition run of 50 vehicles and each of these special Exige 360 Cup cars will receive a numbered Lotus Motorsport build plate.

This new Cup version boasts an increase in power of 10 PS with freer flowing induction and a sports exhaust system, which combined with a low vehicle weight of 1130 kg gives an incredibly pure driving experience on road and track. The powertrain updates also give the Exige 360 Cup a sportier soundtrack to enhance the driving experience.

The Exige 360 Cup uses the track proven aero package from the Exige V6 Cup with an aerodynamically optimized front splitter, rear diffuser and wing. Together with the flat underside these aerodynamic aids offer 42 kg of downforce at 100 mph (160 km/h). The chassis on the Exige 360 Cup is a Lotus designed stiff and lightweight bonded aluminium chassis with double wishbone suspension all round. The car is fitted with track focused 2-way adjustable suspension and a 4-dynamic mode (drive, sport, race and off) system, including launch control.

Relevant updated features for the Exige 360 Cup include a bespoke lightweight front access panel, new lightweight rear tailgate and louvered panel, as well as updated grooved brake discs, motorsport red wheels, embroidered seats and a dash panel.

The options available for the Exige 360 Cup include a new red Alcantara interior, adjustable anti-roll bars, Öhlins race dampers, fire extinguisher and electrical cut-off, carbon seats, air conditioning and removable steering.

The Exige 360 Cup is available at a starting price of 62,995 pounds across U.K. Lotus dealerships. As with all Lotus Motorsport Cup variants, the Exige 360 Cup is eligible for Lotus Cup race series.

Lotus Exige 360 Cup rear   Lotus Exige 360 Cup interior   Lotus Exige 360 Cup panel   Lotus Exige 360 Cup rear lower bumper   Lotus Exige 360 Cup carbon seats

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