lotus-msia-relocates-sg-penchala-fresh-approach Lotus cars Malaysia earlier kicked off the new year with a brand new flagship outlet and two newest variants, the Lotus Exige S and Elise S, at Sungai Penchala, Jalan Damansara. Essentially moving from the remnants of the Proton COE Shah Alam to this new location, Lotus M’sia now embarks on a fresh direction under DRB-Hicom. The Lotus M’sia showroom in J. Damansara joins approximately 140 Lotus showrooms around the globe and is recognized a 3S Center, among the 65% Lotus showrooms worldwide.

The 10,520m2 Sg Penchala Lotus estate features the ultimate Lotus experience from new and pre-owned cars exhibit to customary service and spare parts. The showroom should be a haven for any Lotus enthusiasts with its comprehensive accessories, Originals merchandise on offer and a fully-equipped service center to satisfy ardent Lotus owners. Covering a 1,009m2 area, the service center can accommodate up to 20 cars daily and 480 cars a month.

The unique Customer Interactive Block or ‘Lotus home’ is meant for owners to get together and plan major activities such as convoys, races, and defensive and advanced driver courses. Completing the flagship Lotus showroom’s facilities are a delivery room, an open deck garden and a lounge.

Lotus cars always fascinate petrolheads and motoring people; the supercharged Exige S and Elise S are two of the newest range at the Lotus flagship showroom. But, the thing about Lotus cars is that you are either into it very much or not at all…

We’ll include Lotus M’sia’s impressions of Exige S and Elise S for your reading pleasures… View our gallery here: http://www.motorsportchannel.com/web/2013/0108/5195.html


The new Exige S is the ultimate in focused sports cars. Capable of reaching 0-100 km/h in 3.96 seconds, it not only boasts impressive stats, but is recognised by experts as a benchmark of superior ride and handling. Its dynamic performance is also enhanced by the 345hp (350 PS) supercharged 3.5 V6 engine. Two variants are available a Roadster starting at RM452.030.00 and a Coupe from RM467,230.00, all prices doesn’t include additional charges and insurance. A 3-year or 100,000 km warranty is standard for all Lotus cars.


Engine: Mid mounted, transverse 3.5 litre 24valve DOHC V6 dual WT-I equipped with Harrop HTV 1320 Supercharger utilizing Eaton TVS Technology

Transmission: 6-speed manual gearbox with sports ratios; Constant mesh helical gears and open differentials


0-100 km/h – 3.96 seconds
Max speed – 274 km/h
Max power – 345 hp at 7000 rpm
Max torque – 400 Nm at 4500 rpm
Fuel consumption – Combined 10.1l per 100km
C02 emissions – 236 g/km

Vehicle weight: 1176 kg


The Elise S is offered in soft top with updated technologies. The ‘lil’ Lotus is good for city drives or countryside escapades and its 1.8 liter supercharged engine delivers an exceptional 217 hp / 220 PS, for details see specifications. This under-a-ton car retails for RM332,300.00, minus all additional charges and insurance. A 3-year or 100,000 km warranty is standard for all Lotus cars.


Engine: Mid mounted, transverse, 1798cm3, 2ZR-FE inline 4 cylinder DOHC 16 valve Dual VVT-I with Magnuson R900 supercharger utilizing Eaton TVS technology

Gearbox: 6-SPEED manual gearbox with sports ratios


0-100 km/h – 4.6 seconds
Max speed – 234 km/h
Max power – 217 hp at 6800 rpm
Max torque – 250 Nm at 4600 rpm
Fuel consumption – 7.5l per 100km
C02 emissions – 175 g/km

Weight: 924 kg