Volkswagen has announced the upcoming release of the refreshed Golf for the month of November. This best seller has been around for more than four decades, and an entire generation has been named after it as Generation X is known as “Generation Golf” in Volkswagen’s home country, Germany.

No other European car has sold better. By the end of last year, 32,590,025 Volkswagen Golfs had been sold. In effect, therefore, over the last 42 years someone, somewhere in the world, decides to buy a new Golf every 40 seconds. Record-breaking statistics like these have shaped the car’s history. And Volkswagen democratises progress to this very day with the Golf. In Malaysia, the Volkswagen Golf is available in its seventh generation guise, although the previous generation has been even more popular since it debut in 2010.

As at the end of 2015, Volkswagen delivered some 32,590,025 units of the Golf and the model quickly became the most successful European car ever. By 2002, the Volkswagen Golf had overtaken the previous best seller from VW, the Beetle, by accumulating 21,517,415 vehicles in global markets.

In 1988, the Volkswagen Golf pushed through the 10 million mark barrier; a remarkable feat given its relatively new persona. The Volkswagen Golf Mk1 even broke the one million kilometers on the clock by 2003, other generations of the Golf were to follow. The most expensive Volkswagen Golf ever produced was the Generation V Golf, which was auctioned in 2005; the first owner was Pope Benedict XVI. The current German Chancellor Angela Merkel had her Golf (Generation II) auctioned for 10,156 Euros in 2012.

On the average, there are 2,120 Golf cars produced and sold on a daily basis, depending on where you are in the world. The figure works out at more than two thousand new Golf cars being produced and sold every day for four decades. It took the VW Golf only 738 days to reach a million mark, two years after its initial debut.

For performance enthusiasts, the most powerful Volkswagen Golf ever conceived was a 650 PS Golf GTI W12-650. It was presented in 2007 at the GTI meet at Wörthersee, De.

Today, the VW Golf is manufactured in five factories (Brazil, China, Germany, Mexico) and exported to 155 countries. The Golf is the only car in the world to be offered in electric, hybrid, petrol, diesel and gas powered engine options.