Conti Tire Award 2016 A group of Malaysian employees from a German based multinational corporation were among the top 20 selected to represent their location in a global recognition of the organization known as Conti Tire Award in ceremony held at the GOP-Variete Theater yesterday.

The selected project team are invited to the headquarter’s location in Hanover, Germany and the outstanding achievements are recognized and honored by the Member of the Organization’s Board of Directors for Tire Division, Nikolai Setzer and other senior management team members.

20 finalists were selected from 606 global nominations and the awards are based on the core values of the organization such as Trust, Passion to Win, For One Another and Freedom to Act and the winners are judged according to the criteria that best describes the core value. Nominations are received throughout the globe while the winners who best fits the criteria that describe the core value are selected.

“The whole idea of this recognition is to applaud each and every effort that has been put into developing the entire organization. Therefore being nominated is a success already as it is clear evidence of employees contribution in developing the organization at a macro level through the excellent projects„ said Patrick Haarmann, the Plant Manager.

“We are glad that our project, which is employee engagement and CSR focused was among the 20 selected out of the 606 excellent nominations globally and we appreciate the initiative of the senior management of our organization for the award recognition which motivates our team members” Priscilla Prasena, Project leader and Communications Manager, added.

The project that made its way to the Conti Tire Award global level is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project known as Noah or ‘Nuh’ which is a disaster relief project where aid and assistance were sent to the employees who were affected by the flood that hit the Malaysian state of Kelantan in the year 2015, which was pulled through in less than a week. During the flood crisis, 20 employees from the Petaling Jaya manufacturing organization were released to assist the employees where they lived for 3 days in the east cost of Peninsula Malaysia and helped their fellow colleagues who were affected by the flood in repairing and cleaning their homes as approximately 30 employees originated from the state of Kelantan.

The Conti Tire Award project was led by the Communications Division of the Manufacturing while it was sponsored by Human Relations Department.

Source: Continental Tyre PJ