It’s not official but a  Honda Civic Type R in Malaysian Police stripes has been spotted aout and about in the city center. Local authorities from the PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police Department have said that the Polis-liveried Honda Civic Type R is not endorsed by PDRM. However, PDRM officials do not deny that the trials took place.

Sources have revealed that the Honda Civic Type R was loaned by Honda Malaysia to the PDRM for trial purposes. For those who might not have a clue, the PDRM had been using the Mitsubishi Evolution X for some time to chase after crooks on highways and other high-speed pursuits. From 2008, the PDRM had deployed as many as twenty-five units of the Evo X for pursuits and ‘fast & furious; activiies. Since the Evolution-era had ended, it’s only natural that the PDRM had to seek out a wiorthy performance car successor that’s not too expensive and within that required horsepower range.

The Honda Civic Type R: A worthy successor

Honda Civic Type R is rather popular performance car  in Malaysia with almost all units available in Malaysia sold out since it came out in November 2017. Honda Malaysia only had limited units allocated in the country and despite its rather high price point, it still sold well, very well.

The Honda Civic Type R has proven to be a respected performer, thanks to its Front-wheel Drive record attained in 2017 at Germany’s most demanding track, the Nurburgring. The Civic Type R set a record time of 7: 43.8 at the ‘Green Hell’. Its 2.0-liter turbocharged powerplant churns an output of 310 PS and 400 Nm torque, making it one of the fastest FW-drive production cars in the world. For the record, the previous Evo X used by the Police is -15 PS compared to the Civic Type R.