As an active sponsor for domestic Golf Tournaments, Mazda Malaysia (Bermaz Motor) via its 4th Charity Golf Tournament has recently raised RM 125,000 for the Mazda Medicare Fund (MMF).

The Mazda Charity Golf Tournament is one of Bermaz Motor’s core CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs since 2014.  The Charity Golf is an initiative by Bermaz Motor and partners Prima Merdu to serve as a channel to inculcate good engagement with Mazda customers and business associates for a charitable and fun-fulfilling cause.

This year, the MMF has achieved a record-breaking amount of RM625,500, of which RM125,000 was raised at the Charity Golf tourney and RM500,000 was contributed by Directors and Senior Management Staff of Bermaz Motor, showing a good exemplary corporate social responsibility by giving back to the community.

The generous proceed raised this year will help to provide subsidized life-saving haemodialysis treatment for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients with financial constraints, a collaboration with B.Braun Avitum Renal Services (BARS) and Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital in Penang, a not-profit hospital providing comprehensive and affordable cancer treatment for all. MMF also channelled part of the proceeds to other charitable organizations, like the orphanages and senior citizen homes as part of its CSR community services.

Mazda Malaysia also announced that MMF program was recently accorded tax exemption status from the Taz department (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri).

The MMF (Mazda Medicare Fund) is available for eligible patients without the necessary financial requirements and those who are forced to rely on sub-par government institutions and charity centers for kidney dialysis treatments.  The program is aimed to provide financial subsidy to the needy patients, so that they are able to receive quality kidney dialysis treatment at recommended B.Braun Dialysis Centers. To apply for MMF, fill up a form available at the B Braun dialysis centers, attached with a medical sheet by your doctor. After submission and review by the nephrologists, the final approval will be based on two screening tests. Successful applicants will be issued MMF Guaranteed letter and recommended treatment schedule at designated B Braun dialysis centers.