Mazda commemorates the MX-5 Roadster’s 25th Anniversary with dedicated webpage

 allcarschannel Mazda Motor Corporation has announced the MX-5 special webpage that commemorates its world’s most popular Roadster variant’s 25th Anniversary. The MX-5 25th anniversary commemorative webpage is aimed to be a medium that connects MX-5 enthusiasts, owners and fans from every corner of the globe. (click to enlarge)

The MX-5 25th anniversary commemorative webpage offers a glimpse at the history and future of Mazda’s best-selling roadster, as well as key messages from MX-5 engineers and designers , plus updates on all things pertinent to the roadster.

Mazda MX-5: The conceptualization of a modern day Roadster

Originally designed in the 1980s as a sports car for the modern age, the first MX-5 was unveiled to the world in February 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show.

Inspired by the stylish roadsters of the 1960s and 1970s, Mazda stuck to the formula that made them so loved: nimble, lightweight, open-air motoring fun. But in reviving a segment considered extinct, the MX-5 also featured the latest engineering and an unprecedented level of affordable sports car quality and reliability. Through a variety of product improvements and full-redesigns in 1998 and 2005, the MX-5’s body has been kept lightweight and weight distribution optimized in order to enhance driving, safety and environmental performance, while preserving the pure driving fun that is unique to a lightweight open-top sports car.

3rd generation Mazda MX-5 attains world record and becomes best-selling 2-seater

Now in its third generation, the MX-5 has always kept up with ever-stricter standards for safety and emissions while preserving the pure Jinba Ittai (“rider and horse as one”) driving that is synonymous with the Mazda brand today. Popular the world over and passionately adored by a plethora of enthusiasts, the Mazda MX-5 is a car that has truly made history. Inheriting the spirit that has remained unchanged since the first generation, the car will continue to offer drivers all around the globe a unique fun-to-drive experience well into the future.

The MX-5 continues to be a resounding success after a quarter-century, with more than 200 awards to date from around the world including Car of the Year Japan 2005-2006. Production of the Guinness World Record holder for best-selling two-seater sports car surpassed the 920,000-unit mark last December.

To visit the MX-5 25th Anniversary commemorative webpage, click the link

Edited: Mazda

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