Mazda CX-3, CX-5 and Mazda6 go on extreme drives at the AWD Experience

 Mazda CX-3 at Mazda AWD Experience_6 Mazda very recently pitted the new CX-3, Cx-5 and Mazda6 in the hands of professional rallycross driver Guy Wilks and Mountain climber Ferrari Latorre in a special AWD (All-wheel Drive) Experience at Les Comes, near the Spanish city of Barcelona.

The two men took the designated AWD models for a spin to prove Mazda’s i-ACTIV AWD prowess. With a challenging obstacle course and altitude of up to 600 meters, Wilks and Latorre were able to drive each model to its extreme and prove that a Mazda is a Mazda; regardless of driving conditions and terrains, normal or wet roads.

Mazda’s i-ACTIV AWD: the effective platform in all conditions

During normal operation, vehicles route approximately 98 percent of their power to the front wheels, but torque transfer can reach as much as 50:50 front-to-rear if the vehicle determines more power is needed at the rear wheels. Where many systems are touted as sending power from “the wheels that slip to the wheels that grip”, a reactive system; Mazda’s i-ACTIV AWD is predictive, reading road, engine, transmission, weather, windshield wiper use, internal and external temperature, yaw sensors, steering and other conditions more than 200 times per second to determine torque transfer. In all, i-ACTIV AWD uses 27 different sensors that feed to a central control module to determine how wheels need to be driven before they even reach a patch of ice or a deep puddle.

The Mazda models which were driven by the two professionals during the AWD Xperience comprised of the new CX-3, the CX-5 and Mazda6. The CX-3 is Mazda’s latest compact Crossover to adopt KODO design traits with other new-generation models i.e. CX-5, Mazda6, Mazda3 and Mazda2. Its exterior clearly expresses speed, quality and vitality.

The cabin, too, combines the best of all worlds for unconstrained driving, superb visibility and the comfort of a uniquely ergonomic interior that seems like it’s from a larger class of car. Safety and usability are top priorities with Mazda’s new-generation human-machine interface, giving the driver the full benefit of the CX-3’s extensive technology.

In the engine and transmission department, the CX-3 takes up the SKYACTIV-G powertrain for quite exhilarating linear acceleration and torque. Tuned to provide a very responsive linear surge forward from a standstill, the CX-3 is considered to be pretty fuel efficient.

Both Wilks and Latorre also took the CX-5 and Mazda6 on extreme runs at the Les Comes. The CX-5, the first model to take up the KODO design theme, has been revamped in 2012. In order to make even more efficient use of space, the cabin also provides a new level of design and material quality. The CX-5 is available with Mazda’s most powerful SKYACTIV-G petrol engine and i-ELOOP brake energy regeneration system, and features the latest range of i-ACTIVSENSE active safety technology.

The Mazda6 needs no further introduction as the marque’s flagship model. Following its most recent update, the Mazda6 adds some tantalizing new brand-evolving highlights to the KODO design and ultra-efficient lightweight SKYACTIV Technology. Mazda’s unique new-generation all-wheel drive (AWD) system is now also available for the first time in a Mazda6 diesel. The Mazda6 also features several new active safety systems, with Mazda’s most advanced array of i-ACTIVSENSE protection yet, including full LED headlights, as well as MZD Connect, Mazda’s unique in-car smartphone connectivity system.

Mazda CX-3 at Mazda AWD Experience_5Mazda CX-3 at Mazda AWD Experience_3Mazda CX-3 at Mazda AWD Experience_2Mazda CX-3 at Mazda AWD ExperienceMazda CX-5 at Mazda AWD Experience

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