Mazda MX-5 World Recor: 683 at Lelystad Last weekend in Lelystad, the Netherlands, Six hundred and eighty three Mazda MX-5s set a new World Record for the longest and biggest parade ever. Some 1450 participants contributed to the MAX-5 2013 event and record attempt, shattering the existing record for the “largest parade of Mazda cars” – 459 Mazda MX-5s – set in Essen, Deutschland (Germany) in 2010.

Mazda Europe’s President and CEO Jeff Guyton and a Dutch TV presenter drove a third-generation MX-5 racing version and were among the 683-car MX-5 parade that Saturday.

Mazda MX-5 World Recor: 683 at Lelystad_2

The RDW test Center at Lelystad was completely dedicated to the Zoom-zoom experience which included; demonstrations by the Ribank Mazda MaX5 Cup racers and the three-rotor-engined Mazda3 20B owned by Belgian racing family Van Herck. Participants also had the opportunity of extensively testing Mazda’s new i-ACTIVSENSE technology on the banked circuit, or entertaining themselves in one of the racing simulators. Further, Mazda SKYACTIV variants were on standby for participants to test drive. At the same time, MX-5 owners received tender, loving, care for their beloved roadsters thanks to the MAX-5 free inspection services.

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One of the major highlights of the MAX-5 2013 was the best-liveried MX-5 competition, which saw Dutchman Pieter Staat grab the top honor. Near to the climax of the MAX-5 2013, some 250 MX-5s formed ranks to zip into a purposefully built drive-in cinema.

Mazda MX-5 World Recor: 683 at Lelystad; largest parade ever

The MAX-5 2013 culminated in Guyton receiving the World Record certificate from Guinness World Records adjudicator, Pravin Patel.

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