Mazda, at its home Motor Show, revealed two concepts: the KAI compact and the futuristic Vision Coupe concept.

The Mazda KAI Concept is a compact hatchback that heralds a new generation of inspired vehicles from the award-winning Japanese carmaker. It made its world premiere at the top Asian staging exhibition, the Tokyo Motor show . It was the second appearance for the Mazda Vision Coupe, a design concept that debut at a pre-show event called Mazda Design Night, prior to the main event.

Featuring the next-generation SKYACTIV-X petrol engine, SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture and a more mature expression of the KODO design language, the KAI Concept embodies the technology, engineering and styling concepts that will define the coming generation of Mazdas. Refinements in all areas of dynamic performance have produced a considerably quieter, more comfortable ride and enhanced performance. The KAI concept features muscular, solid proportions in a form brought to life by a delicate flow of reflections over the sides of the body.






The Mazda Vision Coupe concept is a next-generation design vision model that showcases the “new elegance”. The name of the car, “COUPE”, gives a hint of where this special “Mazda elegance” originally came from.

Exterior-wise, the Vision Coupe carries the KODO – Soul of Motion theme to the core. The silhouette of the car embodies a minimalist Japanese aesthetic, achieving a simple “one-motion” form that conveys a sense of speed.

From the Mazda badge on the front to the badge on the back, a single powerful axis runs right through the four-door coupe, evoking the look and feel of supple steel, with all the car’s movements centering on this central vector. The result is a form that is extraordinarily simple yet full of a sense of latent speed, known as the “one motion form”.

The interior applies the concept of ma (literally “space”) from traditional Japanese architecture, combining three-dimensional depth with a strong longitudinal axis to produce a relaxed space while maintaining the feeling of motion. Furthermore, the interior of the Vision Coupe, just like its exterior, has a satisfyingly deep and three-dimensional feel; its lines run smoothly from front to back, exuding a sense of speed.

Structural forms such as the center console, door trim and instrument panel intersect with one another without touching, creating a sense of ma inside the car. The spaces that are created encourage the flow of air throughout the car, and the three dimensional framework makes occupants feel safely ensconced without any sense of confinement. Major highlights include a see-through screen, which functions as a display only at those times when it is required.

Other Mazda exhibits at its home Motor show comprise of the New Mazda CX-8, a three-row SUV going on sale in Japan later this year, as well as the 2018 Mazda MX-5 and 2018 Mazda MX-5 RF. The latter offer a number of enhancements such as a higher quality ride, more peaceful cabin and a wider choice of body colors.