With a partnership forged in Formula 1, Luxury timepiece creators Richard Mille and  McLaren will present their first Limited-Edition timepiece at the 88th Geneva Motor Show on 7 March.

With a focus on materials, details and design, the long-awaited watch from the partnership will incorporate design features from McLaren cars as well as lightweight technologies, reflecting the brands’ values whilst being both aesthetic and functional.

Both companies have a reputation for luxury and a strong desire to be at the cutting edge of technology while striving for excellence and rarity in everything they do. The two companies are relatively newcomers in their industries as McLaren Automotive was founded in 2010, and Richard Mille in 2001. Their respective growth and success is mainly due to the investment in their respective R&D divisions, allowing them to deliver innovative pieces.

The watch will be honoring one of the new McLaren models particularly the McLaren Senna, being introduced in Geneva on 6 March.

The Formula One connection

Richard Mille is a proud partner of the McLaren F1 team. McLaren F1 recently unveiled the 2018 MCL33, decked in the team’s iconic papaya orange and blue color scheme. The MCL33 is piloted by two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso and second year driver Stoffel Vandoorne. Read more about the McLaren MCL33 revelation 

About Richard Mille

The first watch to carry Richard Mille’s name, the RM 001 Tourbillon, launched the millennium: the year was 2001, and the model marked the beginning of a new era in watchmaking. Today, the collection points resolutely towards the future, while holding steadfast to the time-honored traditions of fine watchmaking. Richard Mille endeavored to apply the techniques and materials found in the most innovative sectors such as in the domains of F1 racing car development and the aerospace industry to watchmaking, with the goal of creating an extreme timepiece, without compromise, without gimmicks.