McLaren MP4-12 Spider/Coupe preview at McLaren Kuala Lumpur McLaren Kuala Lumpur, under the guise of Auto Britannia, today held a preview of the McLaren MP4-12Cs for high net worth guests and the media.

After months of hoopla, the Auto Britannia citizens could finally exhibit the 12C  in two versions; the Coupe and Spider. Auto Britannia also gave a brief update on its upcoming McLaren gallery at the Automotive Hub in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

McLaren MP4-12 Coupe preview at McLaren Kuala Lumpur McLaren MP4-12 preview at McLaren Kuala Lumpur McLaren MP4-12 Coupe preview at McLaren Kuala Lumpur_2

At the preview, the Auto Britannia folks gave a sketch of its main McLaren variant – the 2013 MP4-12C. For the domestic market, McLaren KL has made available the McLaren 12C Coupe and Spider. These Super Sports are packed with the design philosophy of the experts at McLaren Automotive in Woking, U.K. Additionally, the Super Sports cars held Formula 1 principles to the highest regards from the marque’s involvement in the sport since 1966.

“The 12C and 12C Spider are unique vehicles as these “pure” driver-focused sports cars offer both high performance and everyday drivability. All McLaren vehicles have and will continue to set new standards of performance while maintaining excellence in drivability, comfort and efficiency,” explained Mirko Bordiga, McLaren Automotive Regional Director for Asia Pacific.

McLaren MP4-12C Coupe and Spider: Technology in abundance!

McLaren MP4-12 Coupe in white shade

When it comes to Formula 1 technology, the 12C features a one-piece carbon fiber MonoCell chassis for greater strength and lower weight. It also boast a Brake Steer and an ‘active’ aerodynamics McLaren Airbrake, which are interestingly two technologies that have been banned from F1 as they provide performance advantages to the race cars.

For the 2013 12Cs, enhancements have been made to the variant to improve performance and responsiveness. An increase in power by 24 brake horse power (bhp) takes maximum output up to 616, while the seven-speed SSG transmission has been improved with a new calibration. These changes translate to a faster and more intuitive 12C, but with no loss in efficiency. The latest incarnation of the 12C can make 0-100 kilometers per hour (kph) at a breathtaking 3.1 seconds and reach blistering speeds of 333 kph!

Despite this improvement in performance, this has not affected fuel economy and associated CO2 emissions which have remained the same. The enhanced 12C has a combined fuel consumption of 11.7 l/100km and 279 g/km of CO2.

McLaren MP4-12 Coupe scissor doors

The 12C Spider meanwhile features the same 3.8 liter V8 engine found in the 12C. With acceleration and pace rivaling the 12C, the 12C Spider is the no compromise convertible version to the Coupe. The 12C Spider is also capable of retracting its roof in less than 17 seconds at speeds of up to 30 kph.

Pricing details and further information would be announced at a later date, so stay tuned on further developments of McLaren Kuala Lumpur right here.

McLaren 12C Coupe and Spider images

McLaren MP4-12 & ambassadors at preview McLaren debuts in the countryMcLaren MP4-12 rear wing ; preview at McLaren KL McLaren MP4-12 Spider preview at McLaren Kuala Lumpur McLaren MP4-12 interior overview_2McLaren MP4-12 instrument clusterMcLaren MP4-12 Coupe engine bay; preview at McLaren KL McLaren MP4-12 preview at McLaren Kuala Lumpur McLaren MP4-12 Spider in classic yellow shade McLaren MP4-12 Spider McLaren MP4-12 Coupe interior overview McLaren MP4-12 Coupe  engine bay McLaren MP4-12 Coupe  rear profile McLaren MP4-12 Coupe McLaren MP4-12 Coupe interior overview, steering