The Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Apprentice Training Center at Glenmarie, Shah Alam today observed its 30th anniversary. Established in September 1984, the 55,000 square-feet MBM ATC (Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Apprentice Training Center) houses state-of-the-art training equipment, purpose-built classrooms and workshops that emulate real-life after-sales centers.

Utilizing the ATC as a facility to develop its talent pool, MBM has invested close to RM30 million in the ATC over the last 10 years, since the establishment of the company in 2003. Annually, the ATC has set aside RM3 million for apprentice training. Graduates of the ATC become qualified technicians with an international level of expertise and eventually join the trained workforce within MBM’s dealerhips nationwide.

MBM ATC’s core programs in automotive mechatronics follow this curriculum structure; 70 per cent practical and 30 per cent theory work, as well as on-the-job training. Every year the ATC handpicks 28 trainees from a nationwide pool following a Pre-Enrollment Assessment (PEA). Studying 48 subjects over a thTRree year period, trainees are taught basic and advance automotive skills, followed by a specialization in passenger or commercial vehicles in their final year. There are fifteen dedicated trainers at any one go, with seven directly in charge of the apprentice training programs. In efforts to maintain quality of the programs, the ATC has a trainer-trainee ratio of one to 14. Furthermore, ATC trainees stand to gain transferable soft skills in presentation, analysis, decision-making, systematic thinking, mentoring, self-discipline and teamwork.

In addition, the trainees are regularly evaluated and encouraged to participate in training programs in Mercedes-Benz’s home base, Stuttgart, Deutschland (Germany). Importance is also zoomed in on upgrade of skills via the certification ladder for technicians, which comprises technical, product, soft skills, management training and certification programs. This is in line with the continuous need to develop, qualify and certify MBM’s dealership workforce.

As Mercedes-Benz is the pioneer in automotive technology, and also living up to its ‘the Best or Nothing’ motto, the ATC instills both the concept of ‘self-reliant learning’ and ‘life-long learning’. These two concepts are in line with the philosophy of continuous development and passion for innovation and are embodied from the very beginning. Through the 30-year stint of the ATC, MBM has prepared over 700 apprentices who are on active duty at dealerships nationwide. The MBM ATC is scheduled to roll out the next batch of graduates at the end of the month.