Mercedes Benz Proven Exclusivity_2
In continuing the tradition of providing unparalleled automotive experience to customers, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia together with Hap Seng Star today launched The Hap Seng Star Balakong Proven Exclusivity Center in the Balakong vicinity. Proven Exclusivity, is a program that offers Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts a chance to own a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz passenger car in impeccable condition and at an attractive and market adequate price.

Vehicles under the Proven Exclusivity program sourced exclusively from authorized Mercedes-Benz Malaysia dealers, are no older than six years, and have no identifiable structural damage. In addition, these vehicles have been fully serviced and maintained by authorized Mercedes-Benz Malaysia service centers, serviced using only original Mercedes-Benz parts and have clocked less than 125,000 km.

Explaining the latest offering Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Vice President Sales and Marketing, Passenger Cars, Mark Raine said, “Together with Hap Seng Star, we are proud to officially launch The Hap Seng Star Balakong Proven Exclusivity Center. Proven Exclusivity offers pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles from our authorized dealer network that are almost as good as new. With Proven Exclusivity, we are bringing customers a step closer to owning a Mercedes-Benz vehicle without compromising on quality, safety and driving experience.”

In maintaining Mercedes-Benz’s highest standards and quality, each vehicle in the Proven Exclusivity program undergoes a rigorous 215 multi-point inspection by certified technicians before receiving the ‘Proven Exclusivity’ stamp of approval. The thorough inspection covers the vehicle’s history, current exterior and interior condition, engine as well as safety features checks.

To ensure customers’ peace of mind, vehicles purchased under the Proven Exclusivity program are covered by a 12-month limited warranty extension with unlimited mileage above the remaining manufacturer warranty.

The Hap Seng Star Balakong Proven Exclusivity center features dedicated showroom space that allows customers to view and test drive a selection of Proven Exclusivity vehicles.  In conjunction with the launch of the Proven Exclusivity Center, Hap Seng Star Balakong will be having the Hap Seng Star Pre-Owned Carnival between 3 – 12 June.