Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has announced a definitive price tag for the new S400L Hybrid at an unbelievable RM 587,000. Following the new S-Class debut in March prior to the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix, there are three versions of the S-Class available: the S400 Hybrid, S 500 and S 63 AMG. The S400L Hybrid, a domestically-assembled version, is deemed an important luxury variant that is part of Malaysia’s aspiration of making the country an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) hub.

MBM (Mercedes-Benz Malaysia) has invested a considerable amount of RM15 million to prepare an assembly plant especially for the production of the S400L Hybrid. “We have worked hard to bring the S-Class as a hybrid vehicle to the Malaysian market. Having invested a substantial amount in preparing our assembly line and manpower at our Pekan Plant, we believe the price structure of the S400L Hybrid sets a further milestone for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.” MBM President and CEO Roland Folger reiterated.

Kai Schlickum, MBM Vice President of Sales and Marketing, added, “With the S400L Hybrid qualifying and receiving full duty exemptions, we are proud to be able to contribute in helping Malaysia fulfill its ambition of becoming a regional EEV hub.”

Mercedes-Benz S-Class S400L Hybrid  lives up its billings with Intelligent Drive, Efficient Technology and Essence of Luxury

The S400L Hybrid is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that boasts the latest technological innovations from Mercedes-Benz. As with every generation before it, the new S-Class sets standards across the board to retain its accolade as the best automobile in the world. With the three engineering priorities “Intelligent Drive”, “Efficient Technology” and “Essence of Luxury”, the new S-Class extends the boundaries of technology on many levels.

Perfection down to the last detail results in the “Essence of Luxury” as pursuit is particularly noticeable in the interior: whether it is the seats or the air conditioning, the controls or the design, the infotainment or the comfort and safety in the rear, the S400L Hybrid deserves the highest accolades. On safety aspects, the Distronic PLUS, which was derived from the Pre-Safe feature a decade ago, now pairs comfort and safety together. Mercedes-Benz refers to this as “Intelligent Drive”, and along with a whole host of new systems the S-Class is portrayed as even more comfortable and safer.

The S-Class is so efficient that it almost sounds utopian: within ten years Mercedes-Benz, by realising “Efficient Technology”, has almost halved fuel consumption in the 150 kW output category to 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers, for example, while the drag coefficient of the new S-Class (cd=0.24) clearly undercuts its predecessor’s figure and sets a new benchmark in this segment.  More importantly, the new S-Class is the world’s first car to dispense entirely with light bulbs in favor of LEDs!

Mercedes-Benz S400L Hybrid, S500 and S 63 AMG prices and availability

MBM currently offers the locally-assembled S400L Hybrid at RM 587,000, not including the added requirements. While, the S500 and top-of-the-line S 63 AMG are valid at an estimated RM 1.08 million and RM 1.6 million, respectively.