Michelin Malaysia extends Commercial tyres range

allcarschannel  Michelin Malaysia today introduced its line-up of Tubeless tyres for heavy duty trucks, haulers and Semis. The X Works Z and X Line Energy Z are two of the latest high performance range in Michelin’s repertoire of commercial vehicle tyre.

The Michelin X Works Z is an all-terrain tyre designed for mixed usage on roads, in and around construction sites and quarries. On the other hand, the Michelin X Line Energy Z is a Semis (highway) truck tyre designed for use on highways and major freeways.

To meet the need for tyres that are longer lasting, safer and more reliable, the Michelin X Works Z features new tread design that gives a uniform footprint and even more wear and thus longer tyre life, as well as a more open and wider grooves that give better lateral grip and water evacuation for an improved performance on- and off-road.

Due to its robustness, the Michelin X Works Z delivers heightened resistance to cuts and scrapes due to its anti-cut and chip tread compound. It has a more robust crown architecture to resist crown impacts which betters reliability, indefinitely.

In addition, the Works Z tyre provides better casing value for retreads and at the same time, has an improved load carrying capacity and is designed to carry up to 7.1 tonnes per axle in single fitment, and up to 13 tonnes per axle in dual fitment. “Michelin X Works Z gives the lowest cost per kilometer and excellent constructed casings to take the punches from rough daily operation,” Beltran Yturriaga, Managing Director of Michelin Malaysia Sdn Bhd, commented.

Aside from the Works Z, Michelin M’sia has the cost efficient X Line Energy Z line-up for transport operators. The new X Line Energy Z is engineered to provide maximum optimization of rolling resistance for a significant reduction in fuel consumption. With low rolling resistance technology, the X Line Energy Z is able to save fleets up to 515 liters of fuel over 130,000 km, which equals to the reduction of 1,371kg of harmful CO2 emissions. Additionally, the tyre range provides up to 20% longer tread life, which denotes optimal performance and lower costs for fleet operators.

Both tubeless tyre range are based on the Michelin Total Performance, which homes in on maximizing performance and related benefits. The Michelin X Works Z and X Line Energy Z are available in 295/80 R22.5 sizes, ranging from RM 1.400 – 1,500.

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