MINI Malaysia unveils updated specs for MINI 3- and 5-door line-ups

MINI Malaysia has introduced the new Full Circle Program, along with new MINI financing schemes by BMW Credit Malaysia, for the MINI 3-door and MINI 5-door line-ups. Aside from the programs, MINI Malaysia unveiled the updated MINI 3- and 5-door with enhanced specifications.

Architectured to enhance flexibility and assurance for MINI owners, the new customized financing program offers a wide range of settlement options around the intended owner’s budget and experience, alongside flexible plans which avails monthly instalments and shorter loan tenures. The plan also promises a future oriented peace of mind ownership experience by locking the future value of the MINI vehicle purchased with the program.

Here is how it works: MINI customers begin their ownership experience with a desired MINI model and by nominating a mileage term during which they get to enjoy their brand new MINI. At the end of the term, they are then presented with a host of settlement routes, either by simply returning their keys to MINI Financing based on the terms and conditions of the program; trade-in or sell their MINI to any MINI Authorized Dealership for a new MINI vehicle; making a full settlement and keeping their beloved MINI; extending their contract term to enjoy their MINI longer. The Full Circle program courtesy of MINI Financing starts from RM 1,348.00 a month for the MINI 3 Door and from RM 1,378.00 a month for the MINI 5 Door and is only applicable for new models.

The updated MINI 3-door and 5-door

The MINI 3-door, Cooper, is now welded with high gloss black grille and a tailgate handle. Meanwhile, state-of-the-art LED technology takes the form of standard automatic LED headlights and LED fog lights. Available for all MINI models, the lights captivate both in darkness and daylight; the latter through the iconic omega-shaped daytime running lights.

Inside, the MINI Cooper 3-door is now equipped with the Dual Zone Automatic Air Conditioning which regulates cabin temperature, air distribution, and air volume automatically and independent of driving speed. Also new is the 6.5-inch MINI Visual Boost with MINI Connected which deepens the connection between driver and automobile. Meantime, the MINI Connected Ready App can be controlled via the Visual Boost to integrate with mobile apps.

Similarly improved, the MINI Cooper S surfaces with Comfort Access, an intelligent keyless system. One simply have to approach their MINI automobile within 1.5 meters and the system remotely detects their unique MINI key and unlocks with the pressing of a button on the door handle.

The top-tiered MINI John Cooper Works 3-door spots equivalent updates with Comfort Access and auto dimming for interior mirrors with an addition of a rear view camera.

As the first ever five-door model arising from the MINI clan, the MINI 5-door has been the heartbeat of the MINI brand in conveying driving excitement marked by practicality and efficiency. In an effort to evolve without disowning its character, the MINI Cooper 5-door will come with high gloss black grills and a tailgate handle on top of LED headlights and fog lights. The MINI 5 Door will also spot Dual Zone Automatic Air Conditioning for augmented comfort. The higher variant, Cooper S 5 Door will come with the Comfort Access System to meet the driving needs of urban thrillseekers.

All variants of the MINIs arrive with the 4-year Unlimited Mileage Warranty with free scheduled service as well. The estimated retail prices (on the road for personal registration, without insurance) are: MINI Cooper 3-door at RM 188,888.00, MINI Cooper S 3-door at RM 229,888.00, MINI John Cooper Works 3-door at RM 293,888.00, MINI Cooper 5-door at RM 193,888.00 and Cooper S 5-door RM 239,888.00.

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