TP The heat of the ever competitive 4×4 pick up segment is forcing every makes in the market to introduce special or limited edition to the market to maintain or prevent sliding market share. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) is planning to announce a new version of its popular Pick up, the Triton, as a sound off to remain relevant in the domestic pick up segment.

We have seen several special editions from Isuzu, Toyota, Ford and most recently Chevrolet Colorado in these couple of years. Mitsubishi who once have a respectable market share with the previous generation Triton especially on the peninsular Malaysia are no stranger to this strategy too.

Enter the Mitsubishi Triton Phantom that we understand will be coming in next month. Based on limited information gathered, the differences are mainly limited to cosmetic, both interior and exterior (new front bumper garnish, black painted grill, black painted wheel, new sports bar, sports lid, body sticker, black painted rear bumper and variant sticker). Seems like black is the theme on this variant. These changes in our opinion are good enough to give it the intended image that the variant name suggest. The Mitsubishi Triton is already a good and solid model to begin with, so these enhancements will no doubt attracts additional buyer to the brand.

What do you think? Let’s stay tune in the next few weeks to find out the further details about the Mitsubishi Phantom: when the Phantom comes alive!

Mitsubishi Triton Phantom