New Mitsubishi Outlander is a desirable Premium SUV

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander is the latest installment of Mitsubishi cars in the 4X4/ SUV market and is targeted in the competitive market segment against the Hyundai Santa Fe and Nissan X-Trail. This of course is a great market segment with more families today looking for an SUV which seats 7.

The fully imported SUV comes loaded with features such as Keyless entry, push start, dual zone climate control, touch screen audio with reverse camera in built then an array of other features such as ABS, ASC, EBD, ETACS, MIVEC, INVECS, RISE and SRS to name a few!

The Outlander has Mitsubishi’s new ‘Dynamic Shield front end’ which will be applied to a number of newer models coming out. The bold new look works well with this car and the curves of the body look symmetrical from every angle you look at. Very different from conventional 4X4/ SUVs which are in typically very boxy. There is a lot of chrome trims used in the exterior of the car and this gives the feeling of more luxury and style to this very good looking SUV. The external lights of this car is fully loaded with LED’s from the now compulsory LED DRL, LED head lamps, side indicators and even rear LED lights. Mitsubishi have also added nice looking 18 inch alloy wheels which look great in motion.

The steering wheel is just the right size and has a nice weighted feel to it. If there was a blind test, the driver would have mistaken that he/she has gotten their hands on a saloon car. There are alot of usable buttons on the steering for features such as cruise control, audio select and paddle shifters if the driver decides to do some manual shifting. The positioning of the paddle shifters are good and within easy reach of the driver.

The materials used as great and brings a somewhat luxury feel to the car. Good quality leather is used throughout the car which feels nice to the touch. Seating position for the driver is excellent and feels very car like. The seats have enough side cushion which helps if the SUV is driven aggressively and the driver would not be sliding around which happens a lot on cars with leather.

The seat layout is a typical 7 seater layout which seat two in the front, three in the second row and two in the rear. An added feature of the Outlander is the second row seats can be adjusted to slide front and back to allow for more flexibility. The third row seats can sit two children comfortably but can be a bit of a cramp for adults. Access to the rear is easy with a single lift handle located on the topside of each corner. The Outlander boasts to have the largest storage space for an SUV in its class and this is true to form. By folding down the second and third row, there is enough space to carry almost anything you need in this medium sized SUV.

The Outlander comes fitted with a very impressive in car audio system. The output from the speakers are very distinct. The separation of high, mid and low audio ranges are clearly defined and the subwoofer at the rear gives a good bass effect. The Touch screen audio system comes with bluetooth , Ipod and USB compatibility which is typically standard in most audio systems in newer cars today . The touch screen audio player doubles as a reverse view screen when reversing the SUV.

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander engine bay

The test car is Mitsubishis tried and tested 2.4 cc Mivec mated to a CVT 8 speed gearbox. Power comes a little late in the power band as this SUV feels alive after 4000 rpm all the way to the redline. The CVT gearbox seems to match well with the engine giving seamless power delivery. If pushed hard, the Mivec engine will turn on to a more aggressive note but this happens only very high up the rev range.

Seems Mitsubishi has spent a lot of time to improve the drive and comfort of this car. Very low wind and road noise in the interior and only audioable noise above 140 km which is rather impressive for a SUV. Typical vibrations from a normal SUV riding on high profile tyres is non existent on the Outlander unless driving on very bumpy roads. 31 improvements have been made to keep the HVC noise level low from engine seals, door seals and even sound deadening sound proofing in the engine bay. This could be one of the most silent SUV available in the market.

Mitsubishi Outlander: Driving it to the brink

The test car came with a standard 4WD System which has three selectable modes. Locked, 4WD Eco and 4WD auto. As we did not have much time to try the 4WD system in Eco and auto mode, most driving was done in auto mode. There is also selectable traction control with the switch located to the right of the steering wheel.

As pointed out above, the Outlander feels very much like a saloon car. The ride is firm but not bumpy. The independent suspensions setup works well and allows the driver to drive around corners quickly with confidence. Surprising the Outlander does not roll as much as what you would expected from an SUV and the initial turn in is positive and predictable. The ASC and EBD allows the SUV to be driven hard around corners safety. Even at the limit, the SUV holds the line very well with the electronics keeping the car composed. We were able to top the car off at around 195 km and hour and every at that speed, the Outlander felt very safe. Great improvement by Mitsubishi on the suspension of this car. The brakes of the car are sufficient to stop this 7 seater SUV without much urgency or drama.

As expected from a Japan built car, the quality is excellent and coupled with its 5 year warranty, this makes the Mitsubishi Outback look like a very attractive option for families looking for a medium sized 7 seater SUV.

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander front quarters2016 Mitsubishi Outlander rear_22016 Mitsubishi Outlander front2016 Mitsubishi Outlander dashboard overview2016 Mitsubishi Outlander rear sears

Date of Review: 20th March 2016
Location: Sunway Damansara to Gotong Jaya to Port Klang
Distance covered: 230 km
Tested 0 to 100 km: 10.8 km average.
Tested top speed: 195 km

Review By: Leon Arrow

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