(SM Faisal, first on the right, with his brothers at the recent Peugeot 3008 launch)THE NAZA Group of Companies Joint Group Executive Chairman Dato’ Hj SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, besides being a multi-award winning entrepreneur, is the first Malaysian, and the youngest to have been offered the opportunity to enroll under the Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program (OPM) in Boston recently.

The part-time, multi-year program for entrepreneurs was offered for Dato’ SM Faisal’s renewed diversity and dynamism in handling a truly international conglomerate. The OPM is carried out over three-week sessions, spread across three years. Under the program, ‘students’ are exposed to developing long term strategies for effective change, creating practical action plans, and leveraging the extensive Harvard Business School’s network for advise and peer support.

“The program was beneficial as it brought together the various case studies of international businesses that were previously proven, and applying them with discretion onto the respective scenarios. This is in furtherance to what we at the NAZA Group have been doing with some of the international automotive and motorcycle companies. This experience further proves that some of these principles have been in action in Malaysia,” said Dato’ SM Faisal.

Dato’ SM Faisal added that the program also enabled its participants to explore crucial business challenges from finance, marketing, and business control to more forward-looking topics such as leadership, strategy, and global markets — all from the unique perspective of owners balancing their personal and professional issues.

The program further established Dato’ SM Faisal as a pioneer in the future of the NAZA Group of Companies that was cemented with the various awards he received since he embarked to lead the Naza Group of Companies and at the start of 2010; The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA), “Lifetime Achievement” award in 2008 for the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin by Entrepreneurship Asia. the “Emerging CEO” award by the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (NCCIM), and in May, the “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the KL Malay Chamber of Commerce.