Vespa S125 limited edition Naza Premira, distributors of Vespa motorcycles, today unveiled the new Vespa S125 (Sprint 125), the latest model that embodies the heritage models from 1970s. The new Vespa S125 shares close resemblance to the Vespa 50 Special and the Primavera of the 70s.

The Vespa S125, which carries a price tag of RM 10,988, is presented in a sporty and youthful semblance with dynamic and clean lines to keep up with the times. To add to its contemporary status, the Vespa S125 is instilled a spirited demeanor, although the minimalist concept and some distinguishing features take precedence. At the front, the Vespa S125 takes up a square headlight and the obvious mudguards to differentiate it from current Vespa models. A new mask, located on the front shield, and ‘Tic’ are further refinements for this new model. The horn guard on the shield and crest on front mudguards now take up black, instead of the usual chrome finish. New Saddle and red-colored absorbers, along with five-spoke wheels give the side of the scooter a chic outlook. At the same time, a new guard protector is located on the footboard, embedded with a Vespa emblem. The instrument panel on the Vespa S125 gets new, appealing graphics that’s easier to glance upon.

Vespa S125 L E sideVespa S125 L EVespa S125 L E instrument panelVespa S125 instrument panel

The Vespa S 125 comes equipped with a new 124 cc, 4-Stroke, 3-valve power train that is optimized for performance, improved uel consumption. The better performance and fuel economy are made possible with these inputs; the new crankshaft, with reduced button and bench capacity, the pivoted cam axle on the bearings and updated roller rockers. Furthermore, the bore and stroke values are now respectively reduced and increased to get better torque and acceleration response. The 3-valve timing solution helps to improve intake and increase engine efficiency. At the same time, new spark plug positioning has been added to ensure improved cooling of the components, thus assuring simplified maintenance. There’s also a new free-wheel electric starter that is quieter and more efficient, and a re-calibrated dry centrifugal clutch; all contributing to a big increase in power output. In all, the Vespa S125 has 7.1 percent better power output, and fuel consumption has been reduced by at least 30 percent.

Vespa S125 front

The new Vespa S125 is offered in five distinctive colors: Toarnima (Orange), Rosso Dragon (Red), Nero Vulcano (Black), Monte Bianco (White) and Grigio Titanio (Matte Grey). For the Malaysian market, the new Vespa S125 is priced at RM10,988 along with a 2-year warranty and a year’s worth of the AAM Bike Assists membership. The first 70 units of the Vespa S 125 comes with a limited edition decal.