New And Improved Volkswagen Tiguan Is Set To Hit The Streets With More Technology

Being the best-selling SUV in the world in no easy feat, but Volkswagen has been dominating the segment with the Volkswagen Tiguan. Volkswagen have managed to produce over 6 millions Tiguans, and in 2019 alone, Volkswagen manage to produce a total of 911,000 units globally.

The VW Tiguan looks similar to the previous generation Tiguan with several new additions, most notably the front end. At the front, the new radiator grille forges a visual link between the SUV and models such as the Touareg and the Atlas Cross Sport5 sold in North America. The new grille offers the Tiguan a more confident look, along with the sculpted bonnet, eye-catching bumper and wide LED headlights. Headlights come with new IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix which guide the driver through the night. From the rear, the only change is made on the lettering below the VW emblem, which is in a prominent central position below the VW insignia.

The new Volkswagen Tiguan comes in a era of electrification and digitalization. It’s built to handle the challenges of the modern era. The VW Tiguan now comes in a new plugin hybrid variant, along with the Tiguan R, for the very first time. The Tiguan R is an all-wheel drive with selective wheel torque control and represents the  top variant of the line-up. The so called “RPerformance Torque Vectoring” enables dramatic driving by distributing the drive power variably between the front and rear axles as well as the left and right rear wheels.

Volkswagen is soon releasing more details about the powertrain offerings. At launch, a turbi duesel (TDI) and plug-hybrid are the two highlighted powertrains. The TDIs in the Tiguan are among the cleanest combustion engines in the world. With the new Travel Assist2/4 system in the Tiguan, the compact SUV is now capable of assisted driving at speeds up to 210 km/h.

Moving inside, the new Tiguan has the most recent generation of infotainment systems (MIB3) to bring a completely new range of online-based services and functions on board. Also new: the optional 480-watt sound system by Harman Kardon and steering wheel featuring touch controls. VW also digitalized the climate control functions by means of touch sliders and touch buttons.

Like its predecessors, the new Tiguan is versatile. It is a genuine SUV capable of towing loads, a Volkswagen that can handle every motoring situation. This is truer than ever, thanks to the new range of drive, assist and infotainment systems on board the Tiguan. Further details would be made available soon.

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