The new, seventh-generation BMW 5 Series has been launched last weekend, with a special exhibition at Headquarters BMW Welt. Visitors to the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany got a first look on the two 5 Series variants on display and experience the new technical features at interactive stations, as well as view the new film “The Escape”, featuring the 5 Series.

Sporty, elegant and stylish, the seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series sedan features an unprecedented array of high-tech features and improved handling. The new 5 Series sets new standards in connectivity and driver assistance, offering customers perfect support in their day-to-day driving. The dynamic nature of this new premium car is also reflected in the exhibition at BMW Welt.

At the BMW Welt, multimedia elements were used to illustrate the innovative key features of the new 5 Series, including new controls and displays, the digital #bmw Connected mobility assistant, and the various diver assistance systems. Various touch screens provide visitors with a comprehensive insight into the dedication and innovation that has gone into developing this vehicle. One of the three walls focus on the multi-sensual experience. Among other things, visitors can find out about the Ambient Air Package. This package is an optional extra on the new 5 Series.

The Ambient light, the other feature, creates a relaxed, cozy atmosphere in the interior, underlining the luxurious feel of the vehicle and serving as a functional light source. A backlit “5” at the exhibition demonstrates the variety of lighting options and the moods they create.

With around 7.9 million vehicles sold by the end of 2016, the BMW 5 Series range is one of the Brand’s core series. The sixth generation alone recorded sales of more than 2.1 million, making it the global leader in the premium segment of the upper mid-range. The seventh generation of the 5 Series has now arrived to defend this lead with an impressive array of innovative features. Intelligent voice control, gesture control and a 70 percent larger head-up display in combination with the networked services of BMW Connected, together with features such as on-street parking information and remote 3D view are just some of the many highlights of the new BMW 5 Series sedan.

The new BMW 5 Series sedan is set to be on display throughout the year in the special exhibition at the BMW Welt.