The New Mazda3 has been honored with the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” prize at the 2019 Red Dot product design awards.

As an impressionable production model, the new Mazda3 in its fourth-generation again carries the KODO: Soul of Motion theme. Red Dot considers the Mazda3’s design genuinely groundbreaking and visionary. The new Mazda3, available in hatchback and sedan versions, joins the growing list of Red Dot award-winning Mazda models.

Mazda and the other winners will receive their awards on 8 July at the 2019 Red Dot award ceremony in Essen’s

Aalto Theater. The new Mazda3 will then join the “Design on Stage” exhibition of award-winning products at the

Red Dot Design Museum Essen and feature in the Red Dot yearbook, website and design app.

Soon-to-be-launced in Malaysia, the new Mazda3 expresses Japanese aesthetics in a simple, single form, and the designers of the new Mazda3 eliminated character lines so that the body panels reflect the surroundings. The less-is-more approach applies throughout the car. By adapting to the environment, the new Mazda3’s head- and rear-lights feature a clean-look, to be free of

all unnecessary elements. Mazda deems the new Mazda3 as ‘Beauty though subtraction’. But, it’s more than just minimalist as the overall design took plenty of effort and refinement through trial and error.  The design mold is sculpted by Mazda’s clay modellers, who set the first impression for the model.

On the inside, the cabin is built around human-centricity to enhance the joy of driving. The cockpit is arranged in perfect symmetry with the driver. For driver and passengers comfort, the seats keep the pelvis upright, enabling natural movement of the trunk and therefore helping reduce fatigue.

In terms of performance, the Mazda motto is all about the “Jinba-ittai”. This translates to a natural feel with the new Mazda3, whether accelerating, turning or braking, yet also filters out road input before it reaches the occupants. The new Mazda3 will also be the first-ever model offered with the Skyactiv-X, Mazda’s revolutionary petrol engine delivering diesel like efficiency.

Red Dot juries choose New Mazda3

The international jury selects Mazda3 as Best of the Best for good reasons. The new Mazda3 is the seventh Mazda to take up a Red Dot honor. Other Mazda models to have taken the honors were the MX-5 RF in 2017, the MX-5 soft

top, CX-3 and Mazda2 (all 2015), the previous generation Mazda3 (2014) and the Mazda6 (2013).

Initiated in 1955, Red Dot is one of the world’s largest design competitions. The product design winners, selected this year in 48 categories including cars & motorcycles, have earned the right to bear the Red Dot symbol, an international seal of excellence. There are no fewer than 100 products for the “Best of the Best” prize from the more than 5,500 entries received from 55 countries. Criteria for selection include innovation, functionality, ergonomics and longevity.