World’s most recognizable Hybrid, the Toyota Prius has been updated for the year.  After a two-decade lifespan, the Prius deserves relevant updates or upgrades for that matter.

The 2019 Prius Plug-in Hybrid  gets new metallic black exterior hue, new 17-inch wheels, a third seat (middle seat in the rear), an all-black interior and a solar panel.

The Plug-in version offers customers with two cars in one; a full hybrid powertrain achieving ultra-low emissions of 1.3 l/100km and 28g/km CO2 (WLTP cycle) while the other alternative is an all-electric mode, with an EV range up to 45 km and a max EV speed of 135 km/h.

The Prius Plug-in is equipped with a heat pump, which utilizes heat from the air outside of the car, resulting in an increased level of efficiency compared to traditional heaters which generate heat from the engine or to power electric heaters. During charging, the battery warming system will warm the cells to an efficient working temperature, this ensures that both battery power and efficiency are maintained at a sufficient level to reduce the impact of cold weather on EV driving range.

Next, the large solar panel, which generates electricity to charge the hybrid system battery still remains unique in the segment. Depending on weather conditions, solar charging can increase the EV driving range by up to 5 km per day, equating to some 1,000 km of all-electric driving per annum.

For seat configuration, the Prius plug-in hybrid got five seats thanks to the switch from the rear’s two-seater to a three-seater.  In addition to improvements to the seating capacity, the Prius leveled up the trim execution with all black interior accents replacing the white accents. The use of a new fabric also offers a higher sensory quality feel to the interior.

Besides all to these interior improvements, the exterior has been upgraded. The  Prius plug-in hybrid will be available in a new metallic black color ‘galaxy black’ and new 17-inch alloy wheels (optional).